Time to go on a little rant…..

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A couple of years ago my then client Alejandra Font asked
me if I wanted to partner up and start a boot camp.

I was less than enthusiastic about it.

After all, I get approached for a business opportunity or the next
best thing at least once a day. Thanks to MLM.

To see if she was serious, I gave her a list of things to do.

(Excellent way to get rid of someone without having to tell them;)

She then came back the next day and said “done”.

I then gave her another list.

“Done” She said the next day.

I was like this chick is serious.

thecamp_logo_final1a-150x150Today, our so called “Boot Camp” division does close to $60K
per month.

(This is no hype as I have no boot camp franchises to sell you)

Which brings me to a whole another point.

Never call your facility XXXXX Boot Camp.

Sure you can offer boot camp, but never sell boot camp.

Marketing Rule #1: Never compete on commodity.

In business they always tell you to sell the BENEFITS not the FEATURES.

Boot Camp is a feature.

Sell them the end result.


Then deliver on your big mouth promises.

In my area, I don’t have so called competition.

I am created a whole new category.

In business/marketing it’s called “Category of 1”

Please make sure to read the book: “22 Immutable Laws Of Marketing”

Best marketing book on the planet in my opinion.

The boot camp franchise sells “boot camp”

We sell transformation.

They give 50% off the next month’s dues for referrals.

We don’t believe in that.

We believe that our clients will refer to us because we get them incredible
results, not because they want 50% off.

They have 1200 square feet.

Let’s just say our back yard is twice as big as their entire space.

They have 60 clients.

We have over 400.

They spend money on Facebook ads, magazine ads, and outbound marketing.

We spend our money on our current clients and are giving away a brand new BMW.

They are always looking for the next new clients.

We are always looking for the next success story.

It’s just not fair…

I feel like Mike Tyson at his prime beating up on Justin Bieber.


Your boy Sam,

PS – I wouldn’t be suprised if they start coping my style here soon.
They immitate, we innovate.

PPS – This is a GREAT resource for starting a Boot Camp Program.