Many times when we decide to start a business, we forget to build our foundation first. We market to EVERYONE. We start conversations with…“I’m a personal trainer” when asked what you do. And your goal is to “make more money and help more people,” when in reality, you really don’t really have a plan.

Sound familiar?

If a contractor started building a home with that attitude and without blueprints, do you think the house would be at risk? Would you even WANT to live there?

Building your foundation is the KEY to building a successful business. Don’t end up as the trainer who has a second job because they can’t make ends meet, yet still work day and night!

Instead of closing shop or working 24/7, take a half hour out of your time to answer the following questions. We promise you it WILL give you new insight and clarity into your business!


Hint: Please don’t tell them I’m a personal trainer (everyone is a personal trainer). Try something like this…”I help people escape their internal prison of doubts and help them live the lives they deserve in health and fitness.” Make them want to learn more!
This question, opens up a lot of dialog in your mind and helps you think about what’s important to you and why.

This will bring you back to why you got started in this business in the first place, and really get you thinking.


This might be the one answer to what makes you different.


It’s always important to acknowledge your strengths. This will help you separate yourself from competition.


It’s just as important to know your weaknesses, so you can determine if you need to develop those skills, or if it would be more beneficial to outsource.


It is very important to know who you’re marketing to. Everyone does not cut it! Of course we can help everyone, but when you are talking to others, you should talk about what you SPECIALIZE in. That way when they are networking with others and they come across someone that fits the profile, YOU will automatically come to their minds. For example, we market to self-employed females and lawyers. Get Specific for YOU and to make it easy for others to refer you!

Just wanting to make more money isn’t enough! How much exactly? Once you know that figure, divide it all the way down to how much money you have to make on a daily basis to stay on target. It gives you focus and helps you develop a plan to make it happen. Whatever your ultimate goal is, be sure to break it down into manageable, step-by-step parts.


This is the plan. Without a plan you will get taken in by the time suckers – email, websites, TV, and etc. Then at the end of the day you have accomplished nothing. Ask yourself every day what will bring you closer to your goals!

Completing exercises like these helps you define your business and sets you apart from the rest! Most people don’t take the time to do the leg work and build the foundation….but we know that you’re different?

Alicia Streger & Carrie Kukuda

“The Boot Camp Girls”