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The other day a colleague asked me..

“Sam a local trainer keeps soliciting my clients on Facebook. What should I do?”

I answered….

Go beat the crap out of him…

Just joking ;)

I did say..

“Nothing, focus on being the best that you can be”

An internet user looks at a facebook pagYou see, in this day and age nothing is a “secret” anymore.

People are going to find out about your competitors.

And competitors are going to try to solicit your clients.

Get used to it.

Especially with the invention of social networking sites, pretty much anyone can get a hold of everyone.

Are you going to waste time worrying about others and lose focus on serving YOUR clients.

You shouldn’t.

Let me put it like this….

Do you walk around all day worrying that someone might be “soliciting” your significant other?

It’s happening. I guarantee it. I double guarantee it.


I hope that you’re secure enough in your relationship to know that he/she ain’t going no where.

If not….

hoeThen your significant other was never “loyal” in the first place. (can’t make a hoe into a house wife)


You simply got complacent and started taking your “relationship” for granted.

I have said it before and again will repeat it here:

“There is a BIG difference between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty”

Focus on creating relationships that breed “loyalty”.

Never get complacent. There is always someone out there willing to work hard to get where you are.

It’s up to you to maintain the “lead” and remain the “champion”.

When you’re a champion, you don’t have time to look back and see what others are doing.

You’re too busy looking ahead and inventing.

Your boy Sam,
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