Hey what’s up, it’s your boy JB,

I gotta ask you a question that I used to think about all the time, but thankfully learned my lesson.

Let me clear this up.

I was flying to Baltimore the other day to hang with the dopest and smartest dude I know, My business partner and friend Jeff Sherman, and as I was sitting in the seat ready for take off when the flight attendant came over the loud speaker and began his long spiel about safety stuff.

“ If we should land on water, blah blah blah. The overhead compartments will open and blah blah blah. Remember to help the person less likely to help you retire, blah blah blah ?.”

All I could think about was when I fly to San Diego or Arizona; they say the exact same thing!!

This was especially weird to me because there isn’t any water from Las Vegas to Arizona, so if the plane goes down, we don’t need emergency water directions, right?

We will probably hit “ Mount who gives a shit” and the safety directions they told us will go down with the rest of us!

Then I started thinking about it from a business standpoint and not a consumer stand point.

Imagine if flight attendants had to have a different speech for every different destination they flew to, or a different one for every flight. I would think this would drive the company employees nutz, Insist a lot more work by company management ,and probably irritate the passengers as well if the flight attendant happened to screw their talk up.

SO…. Airlines have put together complete systems and regulations that must be followed on every single flight. No matter if your flying over mountains for 45 mins, or flying over the Pacific ocean for 12 hours.

Your gonna hear the same speech, and execute the regulations of seat belts, No cell phones, No walking around till allowed, No glass, etc.

Well your training business should be the exact same. You need to have a way of doing things with very little exceptions, in most cases it doesn’t matter:

When I sit back and think about my business, it’s exactly how it’s ran. My employees know the exact systems I have in place and exactly what they are supposed to do.

There are not any questions about what happens on a typical day to day basis because I have made regulations that will cover most aspects of all my business procedures, no matter what.

Trust me this makes it a lot easier for me to be off doing what I need or ,I should say, what I want to do.

I would recommend you do the same thing. Make rules and regulations, basically YOUR way of doing things, and make sure you and your entire staff do them to a T. This is going to allow you to have the piece of mind to know that your business is being run properly all the time !

Last questions, do you have rules and regulations that you follow that are un bendable? I would love to hear your ideas on this!


Live Healthy,
Justin Blum