S*** happens, but why does S*** always happen to you?

The fact of life is that “bad luck” doesn’t exist. We CREATE it. If you feel like life never goes your way, then you’d better take a step back and do a little soul-searching. Are you making these classic mistakes?

Bad Habit #1: The Pity Party
The main problem people with “bad luck” have is that they’re always trying to invite others to the pity party. “My day was so horrible,” they’ll say. Then they’ll run through the laundry list of things that went wrong that day – from burning a slice of toast to getting a flat tire. And you know what? Things will continue to go horribly wrong as long as you’re in that loser mindset.

Bad Habit #2: Time Management
People who are late all the time are rarely happy. They cause so much undue stress it’s unbelievable! The people who are last in the bread line don’t eat when the food runs out. Those who fail to get up before noon miss out on countless business opportunities in the meantime. If you come late to a meeting, you’re disturbing everyone around you, so wake up!

Bad Habit #3: The Blame Game
When sh*t happens, you’ve got to ask yourself, “What can I do differently next time?” Blaming others (even when it’s justifiable) is a loser mentality. Why would you want to put events outside of your control? If you’re always looking for people to blame, then sh*t will continue to “happen” to you.

Bad Habit #4: Excuses, Excuses, Excuses
This habit is closely related to blame – only, in this case, you’re too forgiving of yourself. Rather than focusing on how you can improve your life, you’re stuck on rationalizing and explaining yourself. Pathetic excuse-makers irk me. Understand that you are master of your own destiny.

Bad Habit #5: Acting Out
Some people are impulsive and it’s hard to understand them. Do you buy lavish things even though you can’t afford to pay your bills? Do you drive like a maniac, even though you can’t afford to buy a new car if you wreck this one? Do you blurt things out, without thinking, and sometimes hurt other people’s feelings doing so? Be sure all your time, energy and money is going toward your goals and exercise some restraint.

Bad Habit #6: The Nitpicker
If you’re a fault-finder, you will never be happy, plain and simple. Sh*t will always happen to you. Think critically and see the truth in life, but understand that sometimes you just have to let things go.

Lastly, don’t wait for luck to change. Unlucky people wait for good things to happen. Lucky people launch themselves on every wave and seize every opportunity. Don’t wait for the ships to sail in. Build your own.

Sam Bakhtiar is a Chino Hills Personal Trainer and Chino Hills Boot Camp instructor