Entitlement– an established or recognized right.

Are you sabotaging your own results by acting like a spoiled brat?!

 Sense of Entitlement is KILLING your results!

Do you say:

“I workout so I can eat what I want”

“I deserve this treat because I worked hard today”

you get my point…..

Soooo much of losing body fat and having your body look the way you dream of is IN YOUR MIND! The working out is the easy part. Your brain is the battle zone where the daily struggles of what you NEED (results driven) and what you WANT take place.

It’s easy to give in to every desire. It’s easy to feel like the world owes you something.

Guess F’in what?You have to WORK to achieve anything in life. Stop acting like a spoiled brat! Stop feeling like you deserve a treat every time you accomplish the smallest task.

Guess what?

Working out for 30 minutes is not a huge accomplishment…. IT’S WHAT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE DOING!!

Cured Cancer…. ok you can have an I’m Awesome party and Indulge.

 Sense of Entitlement is KILLING your results!

I feel like sometimes I care more about peoples results and goals than they do. If your goal is to lose 20 lbs, are you doing EVERYTHING possible to reach your goal?…… I didn’t think so. Stop Making Excuses, Stop being like “Veruca” up top, and man or woman up!

Our country is being ruined by this imaginary sense of entitlement. Kids expect things from parents. Parents expect things from the Government or their employer. What ever happened to good old fashioned HARD FREAKING WORK?!!!!

Stop expecting things…. because I guarantee you WILL be disappointed!

 Sense of Entitlement is KILLING your results!

“How does this tie in to fitness?” you ask…….

You can bust your ass all week long in the gym, and still not get the results you desire.

Guess how?

By feeling like you “earned” the right to eat whatever you want. A sense of entitlement.

There is NO WORKOUT PROGRAM that can out run a bad diet. period.

Empower yourself by taking RESPONSIBILITY for all aspects of your life. You only live once, and it would be an epic waste of time to just sit around expecting things to happen without you actually taking action…..



Steve Krebs
The Funniest Man in Fitness