Sorry, I only accept electronic funds.

"Sorry, I only accept electronic funds."

Every now and then I like to send an update out to my SUPER-TRAINER customer list with helpful tips that I don’t share on the blog …

I haven’t done that in a long while, so I was putting something together this morning and just about to hit SEND when I realized that this info would probably prove useful to every trainer so I decided to put it here.  It’s probably only the SIX-FIGURE TRAINERS that will be able to make real use of it, but it’s good food for thought for everyone to keep in mind.

It has to do with EFT billing for your training sessions.  If you worked at a “big-box” you might have had EFT on large packages, but this is different.   What most clubs call EFT is just monthly payments on large packages …

What I’m talking about is a billing system that will effect:

  • How your sessions are consumed.
  • The hours you work.
  • How much you make.
  • And to a large degree, your work satsifaction.

Even if you have  a 24 hour cancellation policy, sporadic training and DAY-BEFORE cancellations will frustrate you beyond belief, severely cut into your income, and probably lead to burn out.  Even if you have groups of very high paying clients scheduled on a particular day, PER SESSION payments will turn a couple of cancellations into a MAJOR waste of time on your part.

But EFT changes everything.   It will allow you to group your sessions (and control your schedule) better.   Not only that, but it will cut down on the time you spend bookeeping.

Sounds terrific huh?  All good ideas do.  There are tons and tons of good ideas out there – tons of them – but in
the real world, it takes some balls to execute them, one other thing …

It takes BUY-IN – in this case, you will need buy-in from your clients to agree to pay for your sessions on your terms, especially if this is a payment structure that they’ve never been familiar with.

The best way to get this BUY-IN is to show the client why it’s in THEIR best interest to pay you monthly by EFT, not just in your best interest.

How do you do this?  You sell the program, not just the sessions.  Let me explain …

In paying for training, most people are paying you to hold them to their workouts.  However, they still skip out on the PROGRAM by not training as consistently as they should, and not scheduling their sessions as a priority.

Well after a good training session, when your client is in a particularly satisfied and good mood,  tell them that your training system not only ensures good sessions, but also better results by scheduling the PROGRAM not just the session.

1.  Decide with your client how many times per week makes sense to train with you, and what that works out to per month.  This is the PROGRAM.

2.  Let the client know the dollar figure that number of sessions works out to monthly.

3.  Decide on the client what days and times you will be meeting.

4.  Give the client the sign-up method to start the EFT payments.

You are done.

The second major question that trainers ask me is how to bill your clients for EFT.

Do I have to get some fancy software?  Do I need to get a shopping cart and merchant account?  Do I need to get a credit card reader?

While those are all options, there is one that is actually much simpler than all three – using PAYPAL.

Paypal has a monthly continuity billing payment option for business accounts.  You have the ability to create a payment button that will automatically enroll your client into your automated monthly billing cycle.  Simply put this button on a special page on your website, send your client the link, and that’s all it takes.

Although for e-commerce, a lot of people don’t like to use Paypal’s continuity feature, for Personal Training, with the amount of direct contact you have with your clients, it’s perfect.

Ok there you have it – that was the email that was going to go out to my CUSTOMER LIST of soon to near a thousand SIX-FIGURE MANUAL OWNERS.  If you’ve been procrastinating getting this implemented in your business, let this post be your wake up call to get it done this week.

One other thing I was going to send this list was a quick pep-talk/offer on using the materials in THE MANUAL.  For a trainer at any level, this will apply to you too.  Just click the link below to find out all about.

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