Sam's office with Zach, Jonas on fitness marketing

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Zach: We’re in Sammy’s lounge. Hey boss.

Sam: Oh, hey.

Zach: Boss, you eat cookies?

Sam: I’m going catabolic, man.

Zach: Boss, you eat chocolate chip?

Sam: Yes, I will take a chocolate chip, chocolate.

Zach: Oh, boss. You got to be careful. You’re working hard, boss. You’re working too hard.

Sam: I don’t have milk.

Zach: I’ll get your milk right away.

Jonas: Oh, let’s get the milk.

Zach: All right. I will get that milk. I will get it. You know, I’m getting it, sir.

Sam: I was telling this girl, milk does the body good. But damn, how much do you drink?

Jonas: Where’s the milk at? Go find the milk. Get the milk. Yes, you’re in Sammy’s lounge. You got to hustle. Sammy doesn’t play. He will fire you.

Zach: What does the boss want? The chocolate milk?

Jonas: Chocolate milk?

Sam: Chocolate milk.

Jonas: Hurry up, man. Sammy is going to fire you.

Zach: Oh wait. He needs organic milk. He needs Pearl Organic Soymilk to keep that skin looking really good.

Sam: No, no, no I don’t like them soymilk. I don’t want any estrogen.

Zach: That’s right, estrogen.

Jonas: All right.

Zach: Here we go. Here we go.

Jonas: You shake it up and get the cup.

Zach: Sammy doesn’t like cups. Sammy always needs fancy. He always needs crystal.Coming right up, sir. Coming right up, boss.
Jonas: Hurry up. Look, he’s coming out of his office. He’s tracking you down. Look. Look, Sammy doesn’t get out of his chair anymore. He just like skips around in his office. Look, when Sammy rolls, he gets flat – his office has flat screens all over.

Zach: Here, boss. That’s [Inaudible].

Sam: That’s what we do here, man. We’re in Atlanta, Georgia [0:01:45] [Indiscernible]. This is my penthouse up here. That’s how we do it, man. Zach, my boy. My boy Jonas in the house and we dip it. Oh.

Jonas: Damn, you got to crack it in half. Hey, crack his – show us the [Indiscernible]and crack that cookie in half.

Sam: We’re doing this Jonas style.

Zach: We skipped dinner today and Jonas had like seven cookies.

Jonas: [Indiscernible]

Zach: Hey we should – we’re going to come back with some serious information but it can’t be all work and no play. You make yourself crazy.

Sam: You know what? We got to have some fun, man. We’re over here.

Zach: Jonas is too serious.

Sam: Follow me to my …

Jonas: Where are you going back – hey, we’re going to Sammy’s office. Hey, you stay back. Get those cookies warmed up.

Zach: Hey, boss. You’re not supposed to walk.

Sam: [0:02:30] [Inaudible] right here downloading some serious print stuff and …

Zach: Well, let’s tell him what we really did. Let’s tell him …

Jonas: How you pulled a Nino.

Zach: I pulled – yes, Nino.

Sam: Oh.

Zach: Nino, Nino. Are you watching this?

Sam: Nino, you threatening my boys. You’re going to take him off the Super-Trainer. They’re right here across – they’re across the table from me.

Zach: He didn’t believe us. Nino said – he said, “Hey Jonas, you want your face up on Super-Trainer or you want me to delete your ass, son?” He called him son.

Sam: Hey, Nino, good job man. You do your job. Man, these people don’t want to give you [0:03:10] [Inaudible] on time man, just delete. Like bam, like erase it [Inaudible].

Jonas: He’s a Super-trainer. He’s not a regular trainer.

Sam: We got right here, we got Jonas actually working. I think that’s the most he worked all year. We got him over here. He had no choice but to work here.

Zach: He started sweating.


Sam: He’s lost his appetite for a couple of days.

Jonas: Oh, man.

Sam: Come take a look at my computer.

Jonas: What happened with that, Sam?

Sam: Man, after like going on 54 trips at the remote parking lot …

Zach: That’s the sign.

Sam: Because I don’t park like in the expensive parking lot. I park more like five minutes away and get a shuttle to the airport the one that’s $5.

Jonas: A limo shuttle? You get the limo …

Sam: I get the $5, you know. So then she dropped it and messed up my screen. So now I got to go get a computer and put it on payment.


Sam: I’m going to get me one of these. I’m on a 60-month payment.

Jonas: Sixty-month payment.

Sam: Sixty-month payment at 29 percent.


Sam: By the time it’s all done, this thing would have cost me 15 Gs.

Jonas: Fifteen Gs?

Sam: Yes, we’re been paying for this but its all good, you know.

Jonas: That’s good.

Sam: [0:04:20] [Indiscernible]

Jonas: Look, one day Sammy is going to let us walk to the second office right here. See? We can’t even go in there yet. Sammy doesn’t want us – Sammy, he got the big one and he got the little one for somebody else but, you know, Sammy got his office.

Sam: Yes. I need to hide my printer.

Jonas: Sammy has got his printer. He has got like two flat screen TVs going on at the same time. He has got a conference table back there.

Sam: Somebody said rich people got big libraries and poor people got big TVs. I say
rich people got big libraries and big TV. There’s nothing wrong with having both you’ve got to time
manage your time baby.


Zach: That’s the best of the day. You got to time manage your time.

Jonas: Sammy is going catabolic in here, a little moment ago. He was throwing tables and chairs around. Sometimes you just got to give him some cookies. That’s going to calm him down a little bit.

Sam: All right.

Zach: That’s Jonas [Inaudible].

Sam: This right here, man. I’m ready to go out after this, man. I …

Jonas: Oh, yes.

Sam: I think we need to go to Sam’s lounge downstairs.

Jonas: Sam’s lounge.

Sam: A couple of bottles and, you know bottles of wine after this …

Jonas: Sam, I heard you most likely kicked somebody out of your lounge last night. What happened with that?

Zach: Hey. When you have – hey, if that’s how Sammy rolls, cookies and red wine, nobody else does that.

Sam: Are you talking about Indian dude?

Jonas: Yes, it is. Sam, I’m going to say, like almost had to drop somebody and kick him out of your lounge.

Zach: VIP.

Jonas: The VIP lounge, Sammy’s lounge down there.

Zach: You get Sammy rolling …


Sam: You got to work hard. Of course you got to play even harder and you got to have good friends and you got to have fun because all that work we do, all that entrepreneurial stuff, you can’t enjoy it if you’re going to just like be anti-social, like become a computer like some of the people we know. It ain’t cool, man. You got to be cool.

Jonas: Sam, can you go …

Zach: You got to time manage your time.

Jonas: Hey Zach, can you go plank on that table over there? Can you do a little plank on that table?

Zach: I’m afraid I’ll break it …

Jonas: Sam, can you go plank on that table?

Sam: Hey [0:06:29] [Inaudible].

Jonas: You plank on that?

Sam: I’m not tall enough on that one.

Jonas: You can’t get up on that.

Sam: I could get a ladder.

Zach: Hey, I’m going to time manage my time and get some work done before we go to Sam’s VIP lounge.

Jonas: All right. I got to sign out here because yes, it’s getting too wild in here. They got
like – hey, that cookie is almost bigger than your head when you held that up. Sam. All

Jonas “Honey Badger” Deffes and Zach Even – Esh