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Opening, state of industry

-Popular trends fade in about 2-3 years typically.
-13-14% of general population go to gyms/exercise regularly.
-Boot Camps are trending, but cheaper and cheaper by the day, need to differentiate. Market is getting diluted with cheap, anyone can do it fitness classes. Low barrier of entry.
-Youth fitness on the rise, easier to get them into group training style fitness.
-Try a free seminar/free class thing for kids to get them interested.
-Wellness coaching on the rise.
-The high volume/low profit margins is generally not great for small business owners. Difficult to get the high volume when you only have one location.
-Invest in your team, they represent you.

The Future of Fitness

-All encompassing client care (wellness coaching)
-Work with clients doctors. Call them and ask if your new client has any issues you may need to know about.
-Take care of everything they need for fitness: work with doctors, food shopping services, meal delivery, weekly sessions, support emails, interactive app, lifestyle tracking
-People will pay only if they think you can help
-Working with FEWER clients and providing a HIGHER level of service will be more resilient to low-price competitors.

Why This Works

-Great retention when you keep them accountable. Make yourself a part of their life, they will never want to leave.

Sam’s Presentation


-All the marketing and sales in the world can’t help a bad business plan/poor service
-Anything that can be measured can be improved!
-Cancel credit card every 6 months, see what you’re paying for on EFT that you don’t use.
-Get credit billing statement, get competitors to analyze it and tell you how they could save you money. Then bring it to your current provider and tell them to match it or you leave.
-What should I be measuring?

1. Number of leads
2. Sources of leads (not all leads are equal)
3. # show
4. # close
5. # refer
6. % client become long term, LOYAL price independent clients

– Good sales process is all about listening, let them qualify themselves.
– Get a book keeper who will keep track of every penny out.
– Know exactly how many clients you need to breakeven, and how many clients you are profitable.
– Two ways to bring in more money: bring in more clients (hard and frustrating) or decrease your breakeven number (a lot easier and less frustrating)
Focus on decreasing the breakeven number.
-What if you never lost another client? Focus on retention, over deliver to current clients. Understand the terrible cost of the lost customer
-The number one reason clients leave is because of indifference. If they don’t think you care about them, if they don’t think you appreciate their business, they will leave. Always acknowledge clients, make sure they know that you appreciate them. Make sure they know that your life revolves around them being happy with your service.
-Some trainers don’t care if one client leaves and think they can ‘out-market bad word of mouth’. That is entirely false, it’s like trying to out-train a bad diet; you can’t do it.
-Best time to bond with clients is when they are mad at you. That is when you can win them over and make it right for them.
-An upset customer will tell 11-12 people about an unhappy experience.
-When you lose a client, have an exit interview, talk to them and find out why they left. Try to make sure they aren’t leaving upset with you.
-Make sure you are having individual meetings with each boot camp client at least once a month.
-Focus on making a community with your clients. Build relationships with everyone, get to know them and their lives. It’s not just about the workout, you have to relate to them. Have monthly get-togethers for all the clients, client appreciation parties, BBQ’s, free weekend special workouts. (read “the old rules of marketing are dead” and “the face to face book” and “story of the Four Seasons”)
-Take one hour a day, and comment on things they have on their facebook page.
-Treat employees like gold as well, if they aren’t happy with you they won’t be happy going to work.
-How to add value: hold monthly nutrition seminars for new clients and any older ones that want a refresher, additional free workouts on weekend for clients, get a facebook group for just your clients, give a big welcome package (folder with nutrition info, a shoe-string bag, plastic water bottle, etc.) when clients sign up
-Send out an email at least once a week talking about the community. Talk about someone’s results, how people are performing in challenges, celebrating someone’s birthday, etc.
-Pay trainers half of the session price they are training (on average), and offer bonuses for sessions completed. Trainer who completes the most sessions gets an additional bonus. If total sessions are over a certain number (for all trainers combined) then everyone gets a bonus.
-For hiring trainers, get ones with experience who have done it before.
-Write down exactly what I do for clients, from the greeting to how to spot to the close, everything. Give that script to new hires, tell them that’s what you expect out of them when it comes to sessions.

Steve’s Presentation

– Keep the systems simple.
– Control growth: focus on client retention, NEVER have a down year or quarter.
– Know your target market
– Hire your team strategically
– Market like you mean it; put your brand into everything you do.
– Shoot, assess, reposition, and fire again

Step 1: Set a Goal

– if making 75,000/year, go for 125,000, then keep trying to double it.
– sit down and map out your goals, get comfortable with the numbers and working backwards and forwards
– lay out exactly how you’re going to do achieve it
– Take daily action to move 365 steps closer

– Know your numbers; how many sessions do you need to complete per month to make $8,333/month, $270/day
– Hire or Re-Hire one team member; this means they either buy into your philosophy or they’re gone
– Pay trainers well to prevent turnover
– Don’t focus on the money
– Must stay focused on creating a win-win-win state of mind
– Put your team first, no one person above the team

Set Expectations
– Goal is 20 total new clients, which is 30 sessions a week, 120/month, which is 1.66 new clients per month for 12 month
– Realistically looking for 3-4 new clients/month, which means reaching $100,000 in 5 months

Marketing in a Bubble
-Is olate yourself and stop jumping from tactic to tactic
-Do  FOUR things really well
-Just be normal and ask what you would respond to; if you wouldn’t ‘fall’ for it, neither would they

Marketing Strategy #1
Google adwords

  1. Must be in the top 3
  2. Must be willing to outspend competition
  3. Must have website that converts
  4. Must know conversion rate
  5. Must know the lifetime value of the clients

-Don’t have a giant sales page or try to sell off the page
-Only sell FREE stuff on the site
-Don’t use stock art on website, use actual clients

-For ads, don’t use word ‘save’, that could attract price jumping clients

-If your keyword is in your ad you’ll be ranked higher
-The more you get clicked on the less you’ll pay per click
-Run the ad everyday, but weekends and Mondays work best
-Set demographic criteria and ad radius when possible. Find out what the majority of your best clients have in common and market to that
-Set daily spending limits ($5-10/day)
-Only use ‘search’ traffic, not content
-Set clicks at $1.00 and work way up from there till you’re top 3

Marketing Strategy #2
The Aframe
-Set up a static landmark, can be an Aframe or wrapped vehicle
-includes business name and tagline, address location, phone, email, website, offer (optional)
-Don’t confuse people with too much stuff, confused mind says no
-Just buy an Aframe, much cheaper
-Look for the most foot traffic for placement, not car traffic. Park, busy street corner
-Buy a heavy duty plastic one, not a flimsy one
-Drill in a rack card holder so people have something to take with

Marketing Strategy #3
Mr. Doorhanger
-You KNOW they will see it
-$200 for 2,000 doorhangers

Marketing Strategy #4
Rack Card
-Better than a tri-fold for sure
-4×9 card
-Aim for 30-40 locations around the city
-hair salons, nail salons, deli’s, coffee shops, Laundromats, chiropractors, massage,
-Keep rack card spreadsheet so you know how many are taken at each location
-Only put 10 at each location, shoot for 20 locations
-Just because they are not ready right then, you’ll come to mind once they are ready

Action Plan
-Review entire presentation
-Set timeline on hiring 1 CPT and marketing material order date
-Fix website and get ranked #2 or 3 in Adwords
-Hire and Train CPT (philosophy, marketing, schedule)
-Carpet bomb your 1 mile+ radius with door hangers, rack cards, etc
-Schedule new leads for comp sessions the SAME week -Convert new leads by offering ‘my professional recommendation’ and using true scarcity to help motivate them to achieve their goal through consistency.

-When get a lead, set up a free consultation over email. Go over goals and workout history and PAR-Q, and bring them through assessments. Then go over programs


Steve’s $10,000 Income Stream

-another $10K means just another $833/month
-What does every client need? What would get them better results? What would they be willing to pay a few dollars for?

Water and Workout Recovery Shakes!
-Offer water and protein bars/shakes
-People pay for convenience, make it simple, offer a limited variety

-Sell at point of sign-up or re-sign
-stress convenience factor
-Don’t sell it, OFFER it

-Add on $3/session at point of sell so they get a protein bar after session and water bottle before from the fridge

-Charge $1 for water bottle, charge $2-3 for bar
-Buy wholesale

-$3 upsell x 200 sessions/bootcampers a week = $600
-$600 x 52 weeks = $31,200 a year

-Save people money, time, frustrations, and improve their results.

Don’t limit your creativity! There are a bunch of ways that you could add $833/month

-When bringing in someone, even if they’re expressly interested in boot camp, still bring them through the personal training consultation and show them the prices for PT. Then when they see the prices for Boot Camp, it will look cheap and easily affordable in comparison.