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With NO special skills technical skills or marketing know how, you can still kick SERIOUS ass with your fitness business
if you do the following:

Always get better and learn more so you can provide better training that provides faster and better results
for your clients. I picked up MANY new clients because other people noticed the changes and the explosion of success that
my clients experienced. Parents sit next to each other for months on end as their kids play sports together. When Johnny Underground
starts whoppin’ everyone’s ass and last year he was the one getting the whoppins, people wanna know What happened and HOW.

You need to make your training go beyond just fitness or strength, it’s about changing someone’s life. If you aren’t changing lives
then you need to step it up.

Show the love, go above and beyond, just the way you enjoy to be taken great care of, you gotta
do the same. When’s the last time you rocked a hand written note? What about a personal you tube video welcoming your
new client and congratulating them on taking the BIG step?

You don’t need a beautiful gym and fancy equipment to succeed. I’m NOT excusing you for being a slob, quite the opposite…. I am
empowering you to kick ass and eliminate excuses, not allowing anything to be an obstacle for slowing down how successful you become.
Do I need to remind you to bust your ass? I KNOW we hear all about systems, automation, software and all that other shiz, BUT,
NO great business was ever built without some serious sweat equity. If you’re not as successful as you want to be, it’s time for a gut check.

Don’t be a chicken shit, dig deep and WORK, put your head down and get your hands dirty.



Zach Even – Esh