Email Subject: Tip & A Joke
By my friend/coaching clients Shaneya Harris and Misty Robinson

Hey Fit Chick,

Shaneya does an excellent job “hooking” the reader by asking a thought provoking question right away.

Apparently, it’s the beginning of a REAL good time! If you missed camp today you’ll have ask another camper about it.

Here Shaneya let’s the readers know on all the fun they missed out on. This is also called “the pain of disconnect”. The way this is achieved is by creating a tight knit community.

Let’s just say, I laughed all the way home this morning.

Today was a lot of fun. Not only did you push hard through your circuits, burned lots of calories and recruited muscles you may not have use in a while, but there were so many laughs!

Again here Shaneya reinforces RESULTS & FUN

Catching Jill and Jane dancing away to an 80’s track was classic!! Oh, and let’s not forget Norah bustin’ a move yesterday…Thanks for bringing the energy, 100% effort & your sense of humor!

Recognition and appreciation at it’s best. Doesn’t get better than that.
I need to do a better job with this myself.

Breakfast Reminder: Your post workout meal is extremely important. You should eat breakfast within 30 minutes (45-60 mins at the latest) after working out. This is called the “Golden Hour”, because it’s when your muscles absorb the most nutrients and when glycogen (the energy reserve in your muscles) is replaced most efficiently. Your breakfast should include a complex carb and a lean protein.
She didn’t forget to drop some knowledge on them

Jill & Char’s breakfast on the go: Scrambled eggs wrapped in small whole wheat tortilla. Add salsa, avocado, or a slice of turkey bacon to spice it up. Make it the night before, heat it, then eat in the car on the way to work! Talk about grab and go!! Everyone can spare 3 minutes at night to prepare this one. Ask them how they do it!
A Recipe from their clients. Recognition and knowledge. POWERFUL

Make a healthy, complete breakfast a priority.

Be your best today,


Your boy Sam,