Affiliate Programs are a great way to increase your income with very little effort. Many online businesses use affiliate program by giving incentives to people like you for helping promote their product. Some affiliate programs with give you a small commission for sales you bring to them. As a result, you end up with a nice check in the mail and the company gains more exposure. Many small businesses use affiliate programs to increase their income by sending out emails, writing a blog post, or placing ads on their site with their affiliate links. Recently, I have created my own affiliate program, The Ab Pro’s Inner Circle to help people looking to get SIX PACK ABS. By creating The Ab Pro’s Inner Circle Affiliate Program I was forced to determine what makes The Perfect Affiliate Program.


Know your product! You can not sell what you do not believe in. Before I launched The Ab Pro Inner Circle, I purchased other affiliate programs and explored what was currently being offered. I found plenty of products that provided some useful information on fitness but nothing impressive. I made it my goal to provide my members with all of the information needed to get Ripped SIX PACK ABS. I included all of the information I wish I knew when I started competing but that wasn’t enough. I knew my affiliates would need to be confident in The Ab Pro’s Inner Circle as well. That is why I encourage my affiliates to use The Ab Pro’s Inner Circle and contribute to it. By doing this I have eliminated any doubt in my affiliate’s mind about the quality of the product because they become a part of the product. If you are looking for a Affiliate Program to promote, make sure you feel confident in promoting its product.



Many affiliate programs are very straight forward. For example, they will give you a special url and for every sales made as a result of someone using that url, you will earn 10% commission. 10% commission is not bad. If you really market your affiliate link, you can make some great commissions. I wanted to create an affiliate program that would be unrivaled by any program out their. I knew I would have to sacrifice initial profits but in the long run I found it more beneficial to offer %75 commissions. I know what you are thinking. I am basically giving away any profits to my affiliates. Well I don’t see it that way. As an affiliate you are a vital part of my team and I want to make sure you are justly compensated for you efforts. If I have happy affiliates who can make a decent commision for promoting a product they believe in, I know my affiliate program will be successful.

One last bit of advice when choosing and affiliate program to promote is the longevity of the product. Is this a one time purchase of can you build a recurring income with this program. Very few programs are set up to provide long term benefits to both its members and affiliates. This is something I wanted to change with The Ab Pro’s Inner Circle. It is for this reason that I created The Ab Pro’s Inner Circle as a recurring monthly product. This allows my affiliated to earn %75 commissions on recuring memberships. I did this for two reasons. 1) It encourages affiliates to provide members with great content to ensure they continue their membership and 2) it provides affiliates with the opportunity to build their commissions. If we do the math and you get 100 people to sign up for The Ab Pro’s Inner Circle, and you earn %75 commission of the $47 membership fee, you will earn ~$3,500 a month! Not bad, huh?

So In conclusion, to pick the perfect affiliate program look for a product you believe in, that offer you great commissions and provides long term benefits. If you use this criteria when selecting an affiliate program, both you and the people who follow you will be very happy.

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