Shameless promoting makes the world go round.

Shameless promoting makes the world go ’round.

If there’s one thing I see trainers doing too little of, it’s promoting.  If you’re looking to drum up new business, you can’t just come in with the same old lame training deals.  It has to be something new, fresh, and unique to gain people’s interest and get them to move on your offer, and refer more business to you.

Getting into this promoter’s mindset is what I had to do when I had locations all over New York.  I didn’t miss an opportunity to  give people an excuse to take the step, start training with us, and change their life.

A guest article I got recently from Ben London really summed up this feeling.  Ben’s an industry vet and the writer of
, a blog that’s great to follow for nuts and bolts training info.  Here’s Ben’s article:

Become A Personal Training Power Promoter!

Personal training promotions for the most part are boring and predictable. The fitness industry is littered with unimaginative, unoriginal and monotonous seasonal marketing tactics.

A quick Google search showed me that over 50% of the promotions I could find had the words ‘summer’ as their hook.

Don’t get me wrong, the whole ‘get ready for summer’ push is one of the busiest times of the year for personal trainers, which is fantastic because the next 8 weeks are traditionally the slowest.

I’ve had conversations with personal trainers that save all of there promotional budget for the few weeks leading up to the summer period. When I ask them why, they say to stand out from their competitors, to get the most business from the rush.

This is all good and well for the unimaginative, but what if you were already booked out before the summer rush, wouldn’t that be a better scenario?

The key is to take advantage of every opportunity to be original, not just before summer. You see, every month there’s a holiday, either federal (Easter, Christmas) or what’s called a federal observance holiday (Halloween, April Fools) which you can spin into enjoyable and lucrative cash cows.

I’m not suggesting you run promos for every holiday, but pick and choose a few and align your marketing budget accordingly.

The beauty of the holiday promotion is the endless opportunities you can demonstrate to your target market and the variety of tools that are at your disposal. I also noticed that my retention rate was much higher from promotions that didn’t simply target the flighty summer market.

Just recently I saw a mother’s day personal training promotion that was contributing a portion of the money they earned during that promotion to women’s breast cancer research, needless to say that it was a huge success and the media gave them a nice push along.

While I was a contract personal trainer, I would organize an annual Halloween promotion that prompted people to hire me so they could go to their work Halloween parties as super heroes, or Tarzan or sexy maids or whatever.

And your promotions don’t have to revolve around holidays alone. Everyone knows that women get into shape for their weddings and are prepared to pay the earth for that to happen.

Research shows that most weddings are during the spring, so run a promotion in the lead up to that period. I’ve seen some personal training businesses claim to specialize in helping couples get ready for their special day.

I also discovered that school reunions were an incredible motivator for people looking to get into shape and did research through various sites like, or more recently facebook that would conveniently tell me what is being planned.

Become a power promoter; there are plenty of potential clients looking to get into shape the other 9 months of the year, sometimes you just need to point them in the right direction i.e. yours.

Ben London