Thats what i call focused.

That's what i call focused.

To do something new, different, and extraordinary, sometimes you need to adopt a totally new way of thinking and acting.  Like they saying goes:

“In order to accomplish something different, you must become someone different.”

I couldn’t agree more.

This line of thinking can get you in trouble or even leave you open to getting manipulated in some cases so be careful …

But it can also help you get tons of leverage on yourself to achieve your goals faster than you would have thought possible.

Let’s face it, to get something new and different from what everyone around you has, you’re going to need a couple of things:

1.   Models and role-models of the success you’re trying to achieve (that’s why I try to give you a lot of them on this blog).

2.  You’ll need a new peer group of people that want the same things as you, and are as committed as you to achieving them.

3.  You’ll need new information.

4.  You’ll need to take massive action and course-correct based on the feedback you get from your environment.

5.  All that being said, you’ll also need to be a little crazy and have some fun.

On that note, I caught an old favorite movie of mine the other day and funny enough,  found a lot of parallels between it and personal training success!

I’m talking about THE TERMINATOR.

I know that movie needs no introduction, but the method the robot in the movie followed has a lot of lessons for trainers on how to go about building their training practices in the real world.

Here are a few of them:



Sad to say, these guys were ultimately successful.

Sad to say, these guys were ultimately successful.

1.  He was very, very clear on his mission and goals. He really had only one goal: to kill Sarah Connor.  He wasn’t trying to do too many things at once, just focused on accomplishing one thing with laserlike focus.

Most unsuccessful people try to do way too many things at once, and don’t focus very hard on any single one of them.  The major lesson here is if you want results and want them now, you’re going to have to get very clear on what you want, and not take your attention off of it.

2.  He did research. When Arnold arrived, he didn’t waste his time just driving around town hoping he’d run into Sarah.  He first did his research.  He narrowed his search down to the perfect targets before taking action.  He then proceeded step by step until he finally found precisely the target he was looking for.

3.  Get the right info: Arnold cam pre-programmed with the right info in order to complete his mission.  We’re not all so lucky, so we have to learn.  While general success principles are very important, you also need a very good measure of information specifically for your job at hand.  That is why I recommend studying niche information, and have a MANUAL for precisely the job of immediately starting a high earning training business from scratch, THE SIX-FIGURE TRAINER MANUAL.

4. He made sure he had the right image. He looked precisely the part of a terminator.  He did not show up to his job as a robotic killer looking like a bum.  But too many trainers show up to their clients looking that way.  And they then complain about why being a trainer sucks.

5.  Handle your obstacles, but don’t get caught up in them. In his efforts to wipe out Sarah Connor, The Terminator had to deal with Kyle Reese.  We all have obstacles on our roads too.  But the way he handled this obstacle is worth noting.  He didn’t get caught up chasing just Kyle around, or get in a personal battle with him.  He always gave the mission the higher priority.  The lesson here is not to let petty, personal squables, or personal competitiveness get in the way of the job at hand. 

Acting like a dumb robot in the beginning for a while can eventually lead to some very big things.

Acting like a dumb robot in the beginning for a while can eventually lead to some very big things.


Don’t think you’re anything like a robot?  Think again.  We as people come pre-programmed from the factory with information that’s almost entirely NOT of our choosing, and then carry along with that program indefinitely.

If that’s not good enough for you, you’re going to need to feed new instructions into the machine (that’s you), and run the new program with focus in order to achieve your goals.

If you’re trying to create the future you want (just like in the movie), you won’t generally get much support.  To go against the majority, you’ll have to immerse yourself in a different reality of influences of your own choosing.  Some of them might even be sci-fi flicks!