The book ORIGINAL GANGSTER, by notorious Harlem gangster Frank Lucas (played by Denzel in the move American Gangster) is another classic example of balls, hustle, and fast money.

Hey gang –

It’s been a great week for me in terms of progress on the projects I have going on in my businesses, some great content I got to deliver here on Super-Trainer (more of which I have for you today), and a promo that is doing real well (and ends today, which I’ll tell you about later).

One article that got a huge response was the one from earlier this week about FAST MONEY.  To tell you the truth, I was a little hesitant about dropping this one.  After all, I was recommending the books of convicted felons and violent criminals as business education. I wasn’t sure if everyone would “get” what I was trying to say (not that I care all that much), but the reaction was overwhelmingly positive, which I was very glad to see.

Like I pointed out in the article, you’ll find many major business success stories carefully toe both sides of the line of the law, proprietary, etiquette, and fair play to get massive success.  If that’s what you’re after, you’ll need to do the same thing too.  I’m currently reading the book TITAN, the biography of John D. Rockefeller, and one thing they pointed out is that he spent 30 years trying to avoid getting arrested.  And keep in mind, this is probably the greatest businessman who ever lived.

Back to the article from earlier this week, one guy in particular who’s book I recommended was Jordan Belfort.  Besides the reasons I already mentioned, Jordan is interesting for another one.  In the internet age, everyone gets a second chance, and in Jordan’s case, he now has a coaching business. He’s teamed up with well known internet scumbag and fellow convicted felon Frank Kern and spoke at Franks event last year.  He now has his own series of events and coaching programs.

I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether you want invest in anything Jordan has.  I plan to head to an event of his, not as much for the content as to soak up some of his hustle.

And that’s what you can learn from a lot of these “hustlers”, and what I hope came across in the post I had about these guys.  As a trainer, especially a start-up one, you are a pure, through and through hustler.  And as you grow in this business, it still has to be in your bones.  One thing you’ll learn from reading MADE IN AMERICA, Sam Walton’s biography, is that he never lost this drive of a small time hustler, even when he was the richest man on planet Earth.

I recently came across a piece of promotional content for Jordan’s programs that I’m sure he won’t mind me posting here.  It’s something he wrote called THE TEN REASONS PEOPLE ARE BROKE.  This piece is one of the best I’ve come across in a while in summarizing a lot of the mental crap holding people back.

Although I’m not into motivational gurus and foul on the motivational business as whole, I think it’s the mental crap that holds people back more than anything else.  Once they get over their baggage, success not only happens quickly, but with “seemingly” little effort as well.

And when I meet up with Jordan in person, I’ll be sure to do some video.  For now, you’ll find a ton from him on youtube.  Here’s one he has that will get give you some insights into the mental stuff that me and Jordan are talking about:

[youtube MjV9OV3RGUA nolink]

Here’s his article – enjoy:


If everyone wants to be financially successful then why isn’t everyone wealthy?  The answer isn’t a simple one, but I have created this list to help show some of the destructive behaviors, mistakes, and ideologies that people fall into that keep them from achieving success.  Not all of these points will apply to you, but identifying the ones that do will help you reach your goals.



By state I mean your physiological and emotional state.  Simply put, this is how you feel in the moment.  You can be the most talented in the world, but if you are in a disempowered emotional state you can’t achieve crap.

You are in a disempowered state if you feel overwhelmed, uncertain, or fearful.  These will influence your decisions and undermine your ability to reach your aspirations and goals.  If you find you are constantly experiencing these you are only setting yourself up for failure.

As destructive as the disempowering states are, achieving an empowering state will give you the mental edge and attitude that you need to be successful.  Here is a list of empowering states for business:  certainty, confidence, clarity, courage, conviction, ambition, and passion.  By remaining in these states the majority of the time you will be better equipped to handle the hurdles that you will encounter.

I understand that you can’t manage your state every minute of every day.  You are not a robot.  We live in a world where stuff happens, but when things start to go awry, that’s when state management really matters.  When something goes wrong most people create a bullshit story to justify when they can’t have what they want.  It stops them from being honest with themselves and seeing things as they really are.

If you are able to manage your state during setback to your plans, you can come out of it stronger by thinking your way through the following steps:

  • Imagine your life as a map.
  • Your goal:  Wealth and success.
  • Step one:  See things as they really are.
  • Step two:  See things as better than they are.
  • Step three:  Make a plan to get there.



The reason most people are not successful is not because they set their goals too high and miss them; it’s because they set their goals too low and hit them.  If your goals are low and you keep hitting them then you need to raise your ambitions.  You need to have a continuing dedication to going further then those around you.  Don’t set your goal for average because average sucks.

On the other hand don’t set your goals so high that they become unrealistic because people abandon unrealistic goals.  Instead, set your goals just above your comfort zone so that they inspire you to continue working toward them.  The right goal will make you want to secure the future for not only you, but also your family.

The proper goal will give you wealth and money which is simply a way of achieving freedom.



The philosophy outlined in the book The Secret is not only counter-productive, it is a load of crap.  According to The Secret, the way to gain success is to go into a quiet room in your house, turn off the lights, close the shades, sit on the couch, and imagine a check with a big number.  If you believe in The Secret, eventually this check should show up at your door.  Does this work? No! Why would it?

If this is your strategy for success the only thing that will eventually show up in your mail is an eviction notice.  I believe in manifestation, but I believe you have to take action and go out and meet it.  You simply will not achieve success or wealth if you don’t take action towards it.

I tried The Secret and nothing happened.  I worked towards my goals, and I achieved success.



Poor people believe they are creatures of circumstance.  Because of this, life happens to them.  Rich people believe they are creators of circumstance.  Because of this, they create opportunities within their lives.

There isn’t any more destructive belief in the world than to think that life happens to you.  Here are three things that happen to you when you believe that you don’t create your own destiny:

1.      You play the blame game. You blame anyone and everyone for why you don’t have what you want.  You blame the government, your family, your boss, the economy, or the people on Wall Street.  If you do this you are powerless to achieve success.

2.      You justify your situation to yourself and to those around you. You use sentences that start with “It is because.” For example, “It is because the economy stinks that I’m not where I want to be,” or “It is because people are unfair that I don’t have what I want,” or “It is because money doesn’t really matter that I don’t have as much as I would like.” By justifying your current situation you accept your current situation.

3.      You complain. What you focus on you attract and move toward.  When you complain what do you focus on? All the crap in your life and if you focus on all the crap in your life what do you become?  A magnet that attracts more crap.  Also, you must distance yourself from those around you who complain as they may influence your state in a negative way.


Poor people believe money doesn’t matter.  Rich people value money and know it matters.  I’m not saying it is the end-all, be-all, but it is a beautiful tool.  When you have it you can use it in countless ways: to help others, travel, or take care of your parents.  Money allows for the freedom to do the things that you want to do.  I am not saying that money creates happiness, but a lack of money is a passport to misery.  I say solve the money problem and then solve the higher problems afterward.



You must be careful who you choose as your mentor.  People without money are very quick to offer their advice, and the world is full of people who claim to be life coaches, business coaches, or success coaches.  The scary thing is that most of them haven’t achieved anything.  If you find a life coach over the Internet how do you know they’ve actually achieved something?

On the flip-side rich people can make for bad mentors.  In the movie Wall Street the character Gordon Gekko says, “Greed is good.”  I made the mistake of taking this line to heart.  I thought that greed was something from which I could draw motivation.

The truth is that greed is not good.  Ambition and passion are good.  Greed is destructive.  The first thing happens when you get greedy is that your ethics become compromised.  You want to make as much money as you can as fast as you can, and it doesn’t matter who gets hurt along the way.

However if the person you are modeling yourself is motivated by greed you do not need to follow in their footsteps entirely.  You can pick and choose which characteristics to emulate.  You can emulate their ambition but not their greed.  You can incorporate their strategies without incorporating their ethics.

Be careful with who you pick as your mentor.  Don’t pick the unshaven guy on the side of the road wearing the dirty sweat pants, but don’t pick the guy whose decisions violate your ethics.



Fear is a natural part of the business world.  If the path to success were clear cut and infallible that everyone would be wealthy.  Because it isn’t everyone must deal with situations that make him or her anxious.  There are three different ways to process and manage fear.  The first two options will destroy your chances for a successful and healthy life while the third gives you the mindset you need to use fear to your advantage.

1.      They pretend that fear does not exist – The people who manage fear through ignoring it end up in a life filled with poverty and misery.  By ignoring fear you let it control you because you neither acknowledge it nor learn how to deal with it.  Unacknowledged fear renders you impotent in your efforts to reach your goals, and this is the most disempowered state for wealth and success.

2.      They act in spite of fear – This way of dealing with fear allows you to achieve certain goals despite being afraid; however, this leads you to a place in your life where you are wealthy and anxious.  Yes, you will have wealth, but you will constantly be afraid of taking a wrong step.  These people are hung up on the idea of, “What if I fail?” or “What if I don’t hit my goal?” This results in a success lifestyle where you second guess all your decisions and live in fear of failure.

3.      They embrace fear and let it motivate them – These people achieve their goals and do so by acknowledging their fear without letting it ruin their enjoyment of their success.



Poor people always try to come up with something spectacular and new to make their fortune.  This is the biggest trap you face as you work toward your goals.  Instead of something new, what you need is a proven system, one that you know works and will help you gain success.

Warren Buffet once said, “When I buy business I want to make sure that the system is so good that even an idiot can run it because sooner or later one will.”  I believe this statement, and that’s why I developed a Straight Line System.  It’s so simple that I was able to use it to help hundreds of struggling companies and thousands of people become wealthy.

What is the system that you have in place?  Are you trying to reinvent the wheel or do you have one that is proven?



I started my first business, Manchester Farms Meat and Seafood, when I was twenty-one years old.  I started with one truck and within seven months I had twenty-six trucks and was a millionaire, except I was making every mistake in the book.  My business was growing on credit; I over-expanded and was overcapitalized, and just like that I was out of business and bankrupt at twenty-three.  I made these mistakes because I didn’t have any business experience.

If you don’t have any business experience it’s nothing to be ashamed of.  No one is born with business skills.  Someone has to teach or show you the rope.  This is why you must be so careful when choosing your mentor.  You want to make sure that you’re getting the best information available.



Either you’re selling and persuading or you’re failing.  You may not sell products, but you have to have the ability to sell yourself and your concepts.


You don’t need to master persuasion, but you need to become effective at it.  It is the most crucial skill that any person could have.  Even Warren Buffet, who many don’t think of as being a master salesman, had admitted publicly that persuasion is the single most important skills he has.

You don’t need to become a hard-core sales person, but you have to learn how to become an effective persuader so that you can share your ideas, concepts, and visions with other people, so they can invest in you.  If you are able to sell you vision, people will follow you because you can show them value, you value as a human being.

Without is why created the Straight Line System.  It is the most effective way to close any human being who is closeable.  There is no pressure involved for either the buyer or seller, and it isn’t so much like selling as it is taking someone from one point to another in a logical decision making process.


There are only two jobs where you can make real money if you work for someone else:

1.      If you work in a job that gives heavy commission.

2.      If you work in the investment banking industry and can leverage off a huge company’s assets.

Other that these two exceptions if you really want to get ahead in life you have to own your own business.  I am not saying that you need to quit your job immediately.  That is not what the Straight Line System is for.  Instead, it shows you how to start a business without quitting your current job, without having to put up a lot of money, and how to raise (not borrow) money cheaply.

At some point if you want to be wealthy you have to get into you own business.  Otherwise you are a pawn in someone else’s game of chess.


Today, Friday January 14th is also the last day to get in on last years prices on the Super-Trainer programs.  Here’s the promotional article from Wednesday that will tell you about it:



GOOO Jets!

This is a pretty funny year …

As I’m writing this, the date today is 1/11/11. Yes, all 1’s. The 1st of the year was like that too (1/1/11), and we have too more dates like this in November (11/1/11 and 11/11/11).

Sure, it’s a cute coincidence about this year, but if you’re a serious results oriented person, have been following this site for a while, and been getting results with what you’ve been implementing in your fitness business either through the content or the programs …. well, the fact that you have so many number 1’s popping up in one year shouldn’t be taken lightly.

You should take it as your cue to make this the year that you become number one, however you define that for yourself. Be a better you, going harder at your particular stengths and interests, than anyone else possibly could.

You also should appreciate that these dates full of 1’s are here as your measuring sticks – the first set in January to make sure you hit the new year hard, and the last set in November to cap the new year off with a bang.

When I talk to trainers, I throw the challenge at them to man (or woman) up and make some big things happen immediately. I do this constantly in my programs, and whenever I get a chance to talk to them, even if it’d during a quick speed coaching session.

I encourage them to have the tough conversations, raise their standards, or venture into uncharted territory.

And many of them have responded to the challenge, as I can tell from success stories I hear on a consistent basis.

Whether it was Fernando Rodriquez, a STUDIO START-UP owner that has taken his hours from over 60 per week when I spoke to him a few weeks ago, to just 20 a week when I heard from him today (plus he added a new bootcamp in this time that had 30 clients from day one.)

Or CC Matthews who also texted me today (yes, the all-stars have my phone number) that he’s opening two more facilities in the next few months. It seems CC believes in the American idea of “why open one facility when you can open two at twice the price?”. It’s been about a year and a half since CC first became a program owner and student of mine, and he’s gone from an overworked one man army to the head of a growing fitness empire both online and now offline.

I also heard from Roger Blackshear in the past few days. Roger is a recent SIX-FIGURE TRAINER PROGRAM owner who used the program to land an A-Lister’s wife as a client, grow his business and raise his prices, and then purchased STUDIO START-UP to apply his increased income to opening a studio, a couple of years ahead of schedule.

And I just got this email from Greg Crawford yesterday too:

Hey Kaiser!
Hows it going? Just wanted to give you a quick update…Looks like next week I will be signing my first commercial space lease. I like the location, its retail, 2500 sqft, unit right next to a bank and in the same strip as the post office. Good visibility and near busy area.
I’ll use the rest of Jan and all of Feb to get it ready and March 1 open for biz! You have been a great help and an intrical part of this. Just think, its exactly 1 year ago I dumped the gym:) Lets chat soon brother!

I’ve got to say I get emails like this pretty frequently from other program owners like Raquelle, Devon, Jason, Mark, and many other students that are making rapid progress.

Plus there’s this video I got from Travis Tsoetzel just days after new years:

[youtube lMaqjJoQn8M nolink]

And like I said, these are just a few emails and texts I’ve been getting in the past day or two, and I was so blown away I had to write about it. There are dozens more I could tell you about that I haven’t included here.

If it sounds like I’m bragging, well I guess in some ways I am. Remember, I don’t have a coaching program, so these students have been able to do this pretty much all on their own with the information in the programs. They’ve shown the initiative to use the information in the programs, plus in most cases utilize a few bonus speed-coaching sessions with me, and they took it from there to achieve these amazing results.


And just like I did with them, I want to throw the gauntlet out to everyone today. I want to make the challenge to everyone to light the scoreboard up in 2011. Do more, go harder, demand more, give more. Make it a year that you will always be able to remember and point to as a turning point in every area of your life.

Now I have a quick announcement to fill you in on:

Just before New Years, I mentioned that the prices on my programs would be going up after the 1st. That announcement was met with a flurry of new orders that even I was very surprised by (we’re talking near product launch type of response).

Well here’s the deal – I was just following up and reviewing program orders since the 1st, and noticed that my webmaster didn’t make the price increase like I requested. I can’t blame him, because we’ve been seriously busy here with new projects since then.

Since it hasn’t been done I’m going to let the same offer stand until Friday. Last time I only gave about a day’s notice about the price increase, and it was right before new years so I’m assuming a lot of people missed my message on it.

So this is the official last call to get in on the programs and save $100 before the prices go up, promptly on the 15th.

To get STUDIO START-UP before the price goes up click HERE.

To get THE SIX-FIGURE TRAINER PROGRAM before the price goes up click HERE.

But by taking advantage of the prices, it doesn’t mean that you have to pay for the courses in full up front. You can get them on a risk-free basis, and pay for them later once you’ve started to learn from, implement, and get results from them.

If the courses don’t pay for themselves by the time you have to make your first installment, you can simply cancel your order by sending an email to support[at]

(BTW, if you really they haven’t at least paid for themselves, send me an email to kaiser[at] because you are probably missing something or doing something wrong.)

Who else would let you try and use a DIGITAL product before paying for it in full? No one. But I believe in them so much that I have no problem doing it, and rarely get burned for it.

Now here’s one other thing that’s real cool – I know 99% of you on this email list own at least one of these programs. But if anyone doesn’t own both, I’ve got a payment plan to help you get them both for a bundle discount.

Both of them together will be about $650 after Friday. Together they are over $450 now. But you can get both together until Friday for only $347. It’s a committment of $47 today, with one payment of $150 billed in 21 days, and the other payment of $150 billed fourteens days after that.

For this super bundle discount, click HERE.

Never before offered – never again offered – legit half price savings on the programs that have changed the lives of hundreds of trainers (yes, from a measly program – pretty crazy huh?).

Okay, again this announcement was only for the trainers that do not yet own the programs. I know most of you reading this do own at least one of them.

So in that case, back to our regular programming – the bottom line is don’t take 2011 lightly. There are two 1’s in the year, so that’s twice as many reasons for you to become number one right now. Good luck, go hard, and take care.