I have a feeling Scott wont be speaking at the next Perform Better Seminar.

I have a feeling Scott won’t be speaking at the next Perform Better Seminar.

Based on the positive feedback the last blog post on a PERSONAL TRAINER DONE REAL GOOD, Dana White, I decided to come back with another installment …

Now this choice may be a little more controversial than the last one (and considering Dana that says a lot), but you’ll find it’s a guy that has no doubt used personal training to accomplish a lot in his life and at the very least stand as a role model to lifestyle design in action.

I’m talking about Scott Alexander, a minor celebrity across the pond, with the title of being “the vainest man in the U.K.”.

I’m going to share a video of Scott with you in a second, and from it you’re going to see that he’s almost a caricature of a person; in some ways it’s hard to believe that people like him are out there.  But before you chalk him up as a over-tanned Jersey Shore type, there are a few things you should know about him …

He’s extremely ambitious and has the work ethic to match.  The quick and dirty on him is that he’s worth something like 50 million (in euros, pounds, or whatever you guys from the UK are using these days).  He started as a trainer to the highly affluent, and took this role and turned it into being their VIP concierge into all the finer things in life, particularly luxury cars and real estate.

And Scott practices what he preaches, staying in fantastic shape and building up his own personal wealth considerably.  When you really look at what’s behind the materialistic image, you see a guy that’s done a lot of things right as a trainer, and I’m sure many of us can or should relate to:

– realizing that fitness is a lifestlye service, and playing up that part of it

partners with his clients to create an ideal lifestyle for himself and them

– used his clients to grow his career even further

In terms of personal image, we’ve got a lot of guys like Scott in New York, and in business terms, he reminds me of many TLTs  I’ve met over the years.  His marketing plan isn’t one of projecting that he needs business.  If you check out Scott’s site, you’ll notice that YOU probably have a better and more updated site than his.  In that case I imagine that his business is done through a lot of offline lead generation and referrals.


What television really needs is more role models like Christian Troy.

What television really needs is more role models like Christian Troy.


He’s kind of a real world example of Christian Troy from Nip/Tuck (now regrettably off the air).  If you’re on the UNDERGROUND NEWSLETTER you’ve heard me talk about the show.  There’s in fact a lot you can learn from that fictional character and high end plastic surgery in general.  I like especially how they lead every new patient toward a sale with their question “tell me what you don’t like about yourself” (very similar to the 100K question that we discuss frequently here).

So despite the kind of guy Scott strikes you as, the take home messages are to realize the bigger role you can be playing as a trainer, and from all of the people you’re trying to help, don’t forget to keep the spotlight on you on occasion.  Your clients won’t be mad at you for it – in fact you’ll attract more of them.  It was when I stopped being a valet to my clients and instead became a role model that things turned around.  If you haven’t stepped into that role yet, wait til you see what it does for you.

I’ll let this video tell you the rest.  It’s sure to jolt some kind of reaction out of you – let me know what you think at bottom.