Mike Boyle: … in these other places that are out there so we were one of the first for-profit models in the country and I think we were one of the first people who actually made money doing it and it’s – there’s a book called The E-Myth that Alwyn Cosgrove who’s another wonderful trainer introduced me to and it talks about the ability to develop a product that can be duplicated.

Sort of I think the analogy that he used consistently is McDonald’s and I think the thing that we try to do, not that it’s fast strength conditioning or something, is try to really develop a really good solid program that we can consistently apply over the course of the day.

Right now we have nine kids coming every 20 minutes starting – we have pros in the morning at 8:00 and 8:20 and then we start with groups of college athletes at 8:40 and at 9:00 and then we have women’s college at 9:20 and 9:40 and we go right through the day that way with groups of nine kids. Every 20 minutes coming in and going through warm-up, speed development, plyos, strength work and conditioning work in kind of a really tight hour 45-minute model where we can get through – kind of hit all the bases during the course of that time period.

Kaiser Serajuddin: Well, that’s really amazing. Another thing you offer at the facility is personal training. Is that correct?

Mike Boyle: Yes, we do personal training. The good thing that happens to us is that the sports performance business gets much busier in the summer because now you’ve got obviously more kids out of school. You’ve got more hours of the day that you can fill up with young athletes training in that 13 to say 21 age bracket. But during the course of the normal school year where we function as a personal training facility actually more hours of the day than we do sports performance so it has become a bigger and bigger part of our business every year to the point now where probably it will account for about 30 percent of our revenue this year.

Kaiser Serajuddin: Well, that’s interesting. I mean why do you find that is? Is it because of the weekend warrior? He wants to get in on the techniques and the training that the top guys got?

Mike Boyle: I think what happened is that we started to train some as you said weekend warriors, recreational athletes and we’ve developed a fairly significant business entirely by word of mouth, basically people going, because I think the whole personal training model, I think a lot of what we do is time-wasting. I think there are a lot of people doing extensive amounts of aerobics and lots of lightweight lifting and all these things and they don’t make progress.

Kaiser Serajuddin: Yes, I agree.

Mike Boyle: Our people come in and train like athletes. They come in and they interval train and they lift heavy weights and they get really dramatic changes. They get dramatic appearance changes, dramatic body composition changes and that makes them – they don’t even have to tell their friends. Their friends ask them in most cases. Most people will ask them, “You look so much better. What are you doing?” And it’s almost always, “I’m working out at Boyle’s,” and that generates another referral for us.

So we have this sort of ongoing situation of people calling on the phone and asking us of our personal training. We don’t advertise. We’ve never spent any money and we don’t really advertise for much of anything. But with personal training, we have never run an ad for personal training. We’ve never sent …