Hey, what’s up? This is Kaiser. You’re watching me on Super-Trainer obviously and it has been a little while since I recorded one of these videos but I want to get into some mail I’m getting from my readers of the blog. I thought this would probably be the best way in, probably the fastest way for me to do it.

So let me just get into this first question I got. It’s pretty interesting. It’s from Rene out of Barbados. So let me get right into the question. “Hi Kaiser. I’m thinking about switching my career field from IT into the fitness industry.” So far that sounds good. “I need your opinion about certifications, et cetera. I’ve been researching and I came across the NPTI.”

I think we’re all familiar with the NPTI. They’re the program that gives you six months of classroom education on personal training. It’s really big here in the States. “They teach you on hands-on training, nutrition, business, et cetera. When you finish, you’re awarded with the NPTI Personal Fitness Trainer Diploma, their Nutrition Consultant Diploma and a CPR First Aid Diploma. And in addition, they offer personal training certifications. The tuition is $6300 for six months and I’ve already been accepted by paying a $75 registration fee. So do you think it’s worth to spend so much money on receiving education for personal training or should I go with the online route?”

All right. Yeah. So first of all, I’m glad that I could answer this question through a video and I have to type something out because I don’t really want to say negative about anyone else’s business or anything like that. As long as they’re not scamming people, I don’t want the search engines picking up negative stuff that I’m saying about anyone; but in general Rene, to answer your question, I wouldn’t do the NPTI because the money that you spend, the $6300 and the six months, in traditional career thinking, that kind of makes sense that I’m going to go and I’m going to get started in this profession.

But for personal training, it doesn’t because that time can be more effectively spent into your real world education, into your marketing, into your advertising, into your website and those six months, it doesn’t sound like much time when you’re starting a career but for personal training again, we’re dealing with something new. We’re dealing with something that’s really unrestricted. It really depends on what you do and what you’re bringing to the table, your value, what you know, your passion.

So it doesn’t make sense to me to spend six months and all this money just to get started and you ask me, “Do I know anybody that has the NPTI?” I do know a few trainers. I am in touch with a few trainers that are readers of the blog and really what they tell me over and over again is how much the blog has helped them, the business advice, the business focus and really the grassroots type of marketing stuff we talk about; how much more important that has been in anything else they’ve learned, anything they’ve learned in NPTI and again it’s not a definitive review.

I’ve just been hearing from a few trainers but on what they’ve told me, in general, what I know about the fitness industry and talking to other trainers, again talking to all the top trainers. None of them have this. All of them started pretty much the way you’re starting, in a different career. They came to personal training. They got some hands-on experience, not classroom experience; and then they took it from there and they made rapid progress in just a few years.

I mean they just made big, big progress. That’s my story. That’s the story of all the other trainers that I come in contact with, that I profiled on the blog. Yeah, so these six months, the $6300, there’s a lot better ways that you can apply that.

So I hope that helps out and again, I don’t want to go and knock what anyone is doing as long as they’re not scamming people or ripping people off. I’m sure some people will find a lot of value in this NPTI program but they’re probably not readers of my blog.

So that’s what I had to say about that. Thanks for the question and you will be hearing from me soon.