Brian Schiff: Yes, absolutely. I mean from the adult perspective, I mean golfers will spend money on anything if they think it improves their game …

Kaiser Serajuddin: Yes.

Brian Schiff: You know, all the time they will buy the latest driver, whatever gadgets out there but I mean those are folks that you can market to so easily.

I mean if you can align yourself with a pro or a country club or even a physician or just maybe even a golf instructor at a local hitting range and you can really – if that’s something that’s of interest to you and you don’t need a significant amount of technical knowledge about the golf game to train people for golf and that’s just one example but I mean tennis, basketball. There are lots of [0:00:49] [Indiscernible] warriors out there that you can sell them [Indiscernible] hey, not only do you want to prevent that rotator cuff injury the first time you play a double header. But hey, how about hitting the ball better or running the bases a little better?

And then you can talk to them about conditioning and fitness and a lot of men especially are so competitive. I mean you know that. We always want to win and training makes a big difference as you get older because you just don’t recover as well.

Kaiser Serajuddin: Yes, absolutely. Yes. So that’s an aspect of Brian [Indiscernible] I recommend everybody to check out or go to his site, TheFitnessEdge.cc and you will see that whole part of what he does. But also Brian, you do cover the general population in your practice. I see you have a few boot camps there that you all focus on women and weight loss. So can you talk a little bit about that?

Brian Schiff: Yes, we just started the Adventure Boot Camp Program recently and kind of what I have found in my practice is a lot of times, I think women struggle to lose weight, to eat right and the boot camp experience that we offer brings them in as a group.

We do a nutritional seminar by my registered dietician on staff and we sort of give them a blueprint of how to eat and then basically we run a four-week boot camp. They can either do three days a week or five days a week and it’s consistent accountability. It’s at 5:30 in the morning so they got to get up early. They got to be there and we do a combination of circuit training, core training, strength training and some running and it’s really a lot of fun. They have a good time doing it and it’s a great program. I mean I actually got hooked up with a program through NAFTA and kind of [0:02:25] [Indiscernible] in my area to run the Adventure Boot Camp that it has been a real successful program.

Kaiser Serajuddin: All right. Do you feel that the two things feed off of each other, the work you do with athletes and the work you do with women? Because it’s a pretty – and that’s pretty different groups. So how do the two relate?

Brian Schiff: Well, that’s a great question. I mean in our business, we basically have two client groups. We have personal training and we have sports specific training and in our new facility we just opened a couple of months ago, the cross marketing by having both aspects in one place has a great – because I used to have two different locations and I kind of did one thing, one and the other.

So now what you have is you have your mom that brings in little Johnny who’s doing sports-specific training with you for an hour and then she walks by your counter and sees the Adventure Boot Camp flyer and she’s like, “Well, that looks really good.” So she signs up for Adventure Boot Camp.

So now you’re not only getting her son. You’re getting her and she’s doing the boot camp and then she’s telling her friends and then her friends in the boot camp. And then she’s like, “Hey, do you know little Johnny does training?” So then their kids are in here doing training too. So they do feed well off of each other and …