Persistence on Fitness Marketing
Persistence on Fitness MarketingIn my opinion most people including trainers give up too freaking easy. Sometimes there’s no substitute for persistence.

Some say it’s overrated. I agree to a point that persistence is dumb when one never learn and master better strategies.

But when persistence is done properly, as with multi-step, multi- media sequences.

You can’t just send one direct mail piece and give up and say “It didn’t work”?

Same with email, Facebook, follow up calls and just about anything in life and business.

These I see a lot of trainers that get discouraged too easily.

You can always tell the truth about a person by how easily they stop, get delayed or distracted.

We as fitness professionals talk to our clients about being persistent in their workouts and nutrition.

We speak to them about the fact that exercise and nutrition is a lifestyle.

Persistence on Fitness Marketing


But for some reason we quit ourselves when we have to get down and get our hands dirty to learn some new skills like copy writing or marketing.

One place that I especially see that most trainers drop the ball is the follow up.

For me I always tell my management team that the “the sale begin when a customer says no”

Persistence on Fitness MarketingIt was easy in 2005-2006 when customers were coming in our facility and throwing down their credit card to sign up all while never looking at the receipt.

That’s not salesmanship.

Persistence on Fitness MarketingPersistence on Fitness MarketingPersistence on Fitness Marketing

It’s like scoring with the high school hoe and thinking that you’re all that. She was going to give it up anyway

So embrace the challenge next time someone says “no” to one of your training program. They might not be ready now or may not be the right offer but with consistent multi-media follow up you can and will persuade them guaranteed!!!

At our facilities we enter prospects in “prospect” autoresponder series, Contact Formula (my mobile marketing platform) and we friend them on Facebook putting their names in “Prospect Folder”.

There isn’t a day where someone will come up to me and say “I been getting your email, newsletter, text, Facebook messages for a while now and decided than now it’s the time. I am ready to sign up now”.

If any of you are interested in talking to me more about follow up please email my assistant to set up a complimentary strategy session.