Hey all you SUPER TRAINERS. I am still in Chi-Town and it’s the last day of Dan Kennedy’s SUPER CONFERENCE. I have learned so much over the weekend and can’t wait to share them with you.

Before I let my boy Christian Aguirre show you some of his Ninja and I do mean Ninja marketing tactics that he uses to HAVE A WAITING LIST OF CLIENTS let me tell you about my CRAZY night last night.

Last night my boys Dustin "The Dominator" Martarano, Neil "The Traffic Generator" Vankertram and Nitin "The Cab Driver" Chhoda decided to take me out for my Bday.

Well let's just say that Chi-Town goes OFF the HOOK. Now I am not much of a drinker but I love a good party. But somehow I ended up doing something like 8 shots of Patron (last I remember).

Why would I do that many shots of Patron? I’m sure it had nothing to do with the cute and super cool shot girl could it. NAAAAAAAA

I think we got a picture with her on Dustin’s phone but he is still hungover ;)  will send over if recovered

Good looking shot girls are a dime a dozen BUT they usually come around and ask you to buy a shot and move on. She (I think her name was Stephanie) did not do that.

She actually came and started a conversation and just “kicked it” and just for hanging out I felt it was necessary to reciprocated and buy some more shots. So she got paid for being cool not be “hustling”. She probably made more money and didn’t have to walk around all night asking for people to buy shots.

Here are some nuggets for you in this.
1) Reciprocity. Give and you shall receive
2) Be cool. No one wants to deal with a B*** or an A**
3) Care. People don’t care about what you know or offer unless they know how much you care
4) Don’t be short sighted. Don’t sell something for the sake of selling something. Learn to build relationships with your customers.
5) Always get her phone number ahhhhh I mean contact information and add it to your black book ahhhhhhh I mean autoresponder


OK, Here is my boy Christian. Take it from here C…….

[youtube MICa1EdplIM]


Christian Aguirre is a Walnut Creek Personal Training