3 Books That Will Make Your Online Fitness Business Explode

3 Books That Will Make Your Online Fitness Business Explode

Posted on 22. Jul, 2009 by in Marketing Fitness

As I’m writing this, my eyes are bloodshot and I’m a little groggy.  I’ve been working on the new “squeeze page” and blog for the big project I’ve partnered with Jim Hart with for the fifty-plus market.  The sites launch today – I’ll send you the links once the pages are live and tell you about how we put this thing together (and follow me on twitter to get updates on how it’s coming).

If you’re working on a major project like this yourself, I just want to point out that designing it and getting it up is the easy part – it’s the traffic you get and what you do with it that’s the deciding factor.  You can sit back and create all the sites and start all the projects you want, but if you’re not bringing in visitors and giving them what they need, you’re not going to have anything to show for it (that’s why we get into so much detail about it in BIG-MONEY).

But I’ve got to say this part is fun as hell, and I think I’m making progress as a person staying up late at night working on fitness projects instead of hitting my usual night-time spots in the city (and this is a lot easier on my liver!).

Back to the subject of fitness marketing, I had the time earlier today to record a short video for you all about some very strong books about marketing that you can pick up at your local bookstore. Did you know about the kind of crazy money-making resources that are in that place?!  When you consider that, being broke should be a crime.

These books won’t go into the specifics about how to exactly launch your online fitness business (again, that’s all in BIG-MONEY).  But these books will give you some perspective on what’s possible for you online and the approach you need to take. Once you get that part down, the details become become easy.

Here’s the video (sorry, didn’t get any fancy editing done to this one):

[youtube O787xBn4SiA& nolink]

Hope you got the names of the three books I showed you.  Let know what’s on your mind below …

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22. Jul, 2009

Seth is my favorite! he is awesome..really good stuff.


22. Jul, 2009

Ha – yeah Georgette, your definitely a tribe leader so that makes perfect sense –

Jim Hart

22. Jul, 2009

Thanks for the suggestions. I love Seth ‘s work .I saw him at a confernece years ago- he is a great speaker as well as a good writer.
Mark Joyner is the legend in the intenet marketing world. and I ‘m curious about Chet Holmes. I am looking on Amazon to get some copies

Greg Justice

22. Jul, 2009


I’m very intrigued…and “The Ultimate Sales Machine” by Chet Holmes is one of my all time favorite books.

Since I’ve been in the industry about a hundred years, I’ve developed several systems and products that work very well. These are products and systems that I know would benefit other trainers and the general population.

I’ve considered packaging them and making them available online, but I’m such an ‘old school’ guy that I’m not sure how to do it.

Thanks for doing this blog post, it really has me thinking…

Greg Crawford

22. Jul, 2009

Hey Kaiser,
I’m gonna try that ultimate sales machine one first right after I finish the book I’m reading now which is the 4-hour work week, by Tim Ferris which is really cool. Oh and that audio book idea is great cause I’m swamped with all the stuff I’m trying to read,
Thanks bro!

Steve Morris

22. Jul, 2009

Definetly gonna check out the Ultimate Sales Machine…


23. Jul, 2009

Yes Greg J. – good call on Chet – yeah Greg, Steve, and Jim, definitely check out his book –

What’s funny is Chet is having a teleconference tonight, hosted by audiotech business book summaries, which is another good resource for everyone to check out if you are too lazy to even listen to the books! They send you two summarized business books on CD every month –
Anyway, here’s the link to register for the call:

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