As I always do here are some nuggets I learned from this event. So without further ado let’s get down to business

Most businesses concentrate on the before unit which is inefficient and expensive. Most businesses DO NOT concentrate enough on the AFTER unit. You have to keep nurturing relationships. (Social currency). After Unit EXCEEDS their expectation.

The real money is in “AFTER” unit.

Note to Self: Start an offline newsletter, start back with the client appreciation parties, personally call 5 clients per day, start sending bday cards to all clients. Make time to take a 1 current and 1 former client out for lunch every month.

Don’t call it “upsell” call it “upsolutions”.


You can’t over communicate with someone who has a need. They are always looking for more information. (That’s why a new blog post goes up on Super Trainer at least once a day ;)

Humans are 2x more motivated to move away from what they don’t want then move towards what they want.

Words that we use are the currency of our minds. Some words are $1.00 words and some words are $100 words. It all depends on how much EMOTIONS the word triggers.

Disney and Vegas for years were competing for how much money they can get per person per day (Dollar per head). Disney is now won that battle without booze, gambling and hookers!!!

Price is affected by place.

Harley Davidson has become the #1 brand of motor cycle for women simply because Harley “borrowed” the idea from Tupperware. Harley sets up an all girl garage parties and brings the bikes.

The highest paid goes to those being paid for who they are NOT what they do.   Example: The Kardashians

Being a celebrity to a target market is easy however being a celebrity to the whole world is hard.

Resilience: The habit and skill of cashing in on adversary.

Note to self: Make sure you give something of significance, do it when they don’t expect it and personalize it.