Here are just a few nuggets I wanted to share with you

Be transformational not transactional


1) Time management – Which is energy management, don’t focus on to do list instead focus on to be list. Should also have a NOT TO DO LIST

2) Procrastination

3) Lack of Focus

4) Fear of success/ Failure

5) Lack of funds

6) Accountability


Call your employees “Valued Partner” ====> tell your employees

It’s always better when someone sells you than when you sell yourself



1) Financial

2) Social (more you give the more you get)

3) Educational

4) Relation Capital (your relationships)


1) Determine The Client’s Currency (what’s important to them, ie: weight loss, more energy decrease meds

2) Establish Key Metrics from the beginning

3) Establish a reporting schedule and medium.

4) Know your clients. Congruency is EVERYTHING


LTV (Lifetime value) + LTR (Lifetime relationship) = Earn more and work less

If you make $388K/year,  you are in top 1% in the country

If you make 100K/year, you are in top 10%

9 out of 10 businesses fail after 5 years.


1) Visualize the whole process

2) Outline the plans in bullets

3) Story board the whole idea

4) Identify your purpose

5) Find who your customer is

6) Find out what all the objections are

7) Make sure to always address WIIFM (what’s in it for me and so what?)

8) What is your USP

9) Test various parts of your marketing


Keep a journal: Always evaluate how you spend your time

People who have an accountability partner are 65% more likely to succeed

Being a control freak is the worst thing for your business. When you release being a control freak you see the big picture.

Overwhelm leads to ==> Procrastination leads to==> Frustration leads to ==> Anger


1) Ditch: Ask yourself if this task didn’t get done what will happen. 30% of the time task doesn’t have to be done.

2) Delegate: If your time is much more valuable than the task. Find out how much you make per hour.

3) Duplicate: Don’t have to clone you. Just find people to do parts of what you can do.

Objection based marketing is the key to success

Direct mail is the KEY for your business. Most important ====> Headline and P.S


1) Mass: Getting more customers (This is the most expensive and least effective method)

2) Volume: Get the customers to spend more

3) Frequency: Get the customer to buy more often




Fitness marketing post by Sam Bakhtiar