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Just because ‘That’ well-known Fitness Professional does it, doesn’t mean you have to.

Just because ‘That’ sage business expert says so, doesn’t make it sound advice for you.

In my 16 year career, I admit to growing tired at times of the bickering, bantering and divisiveness that seemed to occur daily within this industry.

Be you.  Always…

What does authentic voice mean?

What does finding your authentic self look like?

I suppose you can see it from this perspective…

The purpose of life is most certainly an appraisal made on an individual perspective.

Naturally, I do not believe I hold the power to tell you what the purpose of your life is, just as much as you don’t wield the authority to explain mine to me.

But finding your authentic self and establishing true fulfillment must surely top the list of what we could all agree on as a universally accepted certainty for what we want, or should want, within the finite time we spend on this planet.

In that, I read a very interesting article recently showcasing a social experiment created by Harvard psychology professor Ellen Langer where findings indicated the reality that dressing old can make you feel and behave older.

“Most people try to dress appropriately for their age, so clothing in effect becomes a cue for ingrained attitudes about age,” explained Langer.

Now here is the curious point…

What if you actively opted to erase that cue from your sightline?

Not in an act of vanity or for the mere aesthetic principle (although, I wouldn’t consider that to be negative or shallow in the least if it’s how you opted to conduct yourself) but in the interest of cofounding expectations…

… Not industry necessarily, but expectations of self.

The way you choose to speak.

The way you opt to think.

The way you elect communicate.

The way you decide to train your clients and market to prospects.

And yes, the way you to decide to dress, are all measures of a self-fulfilling prophecy that have and will continue to dictate the path of your life.

Just because aging men are ‘supposed’ to dress a certain way, doesn’t mean they have to.

Just because non-University educated people are ‘expected’ to speak with a particular vocabulary, doesn’t imply they must.

Just because those who have gone through horribly difficult and emotional turmoil in life are ‘allowed’ to be cynical or pessimistic, doesn’t suggest they should or decide to.

Choices exist for us every day and within virtually every moment.

And of course, my hope is that this prose helps you understand both the pretense of that truth, as well as encourage you to make the best possible choices that align with your greatest purpose.

But there is one last thing I would ask that you consider deeply…

Aside from clothing, attire and fashion, do you have any other ‘cues’ in your life that condemn you to believing certain, limiting things?

What are they?

And do you realize that you could, if you decide to do so, erase them from your sightline?

Be yourself.

It’s the only real way to finding your authentic self.


Sawubona & Blessings,