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Holiday: New Year’s Price hike

E-mail 1 (2 weeks prior)December 17:  Subject: These fat loss results are insane!
you probably don’t know this but many of my clients have been testing out an experimental holiday meal plan and so far results have been insane! All of our participants are actually losing weight during the holidays.
But enough about them I want to talk about Y-O-U
Are you handling the holidays ok?
Are you following an exercise and nutrition routine that is working?
Do you need any help?
Please feel free to ask me anything you want. Seriously. I want to help you in anyway that I can.
Committed to your health and fitness,

#your name#
P.S. You can reply to this e-mail with your exercise, nutrition or fat loss questions and I’ll get it right on my phone! So don’t hesitate to ask.


E-mail 2 (11 days prior)December 20th: Subject: Your Questions Answered
A couple of days ago I sent out an e-mail to you and some of my other friendsand clients asking you if there was any questions I could help you with and answer.
The response was insane! I feel so blessed to have so many people that believe in me and trust me to give you sound advice.
The two biggest questions I received were
1. #Insert Holiday Related Nutrition Question#
#insert answer#
2. Will I be taking on anymore clients before the New Year?
Well I have some good news and some and some bad news.
The good news is that I have room in my bootcamps for about 15 people since I’ve added more class times.
The bad news is that On January 2nd we will be increasing our prices for NEW members by $20 a month on all packages. We do this every year to keep out anyone who is not serious about getting results and also because we are constantly improving our program and want to make our current members feel special for starting when they did.
But you can still get access to our program now for $20 a month less than what people will pay later who procrastinated to get the body they really want.
Now chances are that if you’re reading this e-mail than you’re most likely also an action taker who doesn’t use the holidays as an excuse to not be happy with their body. So go ahead and give me a call at 555-123-1234 so we can get started or just shoot me an email back saying you want in.
Take it easy and I’ll talk to you soon,
#your name#

E-mail 3 (8 days Prior) December 23rd: Subject: Merry Chrsitmas (your gift)
Hey how’s it going?
Real quick I wanted to say hey, wish you a merry Christmas (even though there is still 2 days left) and hook you up with a special gift.
As you probably know On January 2nd I’ll be upping the price of all our bootcamp packages by about $20 a month. Well as a special gift to you, not only can you get started LITERALLY today for $20 less than people who procrastinate with their health, I’m going to sweeten the deal even more and let you in for $20 less than our CURRENT cost. So now you can get in for $40 less than the people who are most likely going to gain another 3 pounds before they decide to do anything about their health.
Just shoot me an e-mail back and we will get you situated to start ASAP.
Committed to your health,
#your name#
P.S. there is only room for about 12 more people on this deal so hopefully you’re not still reading this or you could end up missing out.

E-mail 4 (5 days prior)December 26th: Subject: How was your Christmas?
Hey what’s up!?
I hope you had an awesome Christmas. I spent mine with my family up in Pittsburgh. It was nice to see a lot of them who I don’t get to see that often.
Real quick I have 6 spots left for you and your friends to start bootcamp at $20/month less than current clients and $40/month less than everyone who waits until new years after our annual price hike.
And don’t forget that my bootcamp program is backed by a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee which means if God forbid you do what I say and still don’t see results you can have every penny back of your hard earned money.
Worth a shot right? You’ve got nothing to lose (except body fat) and everything to gain.
Let me know if you’re ready I don’t want you to miss out and be another “New Year’s Resolution-er”.
Committed to your health and fitness,
#your name#
P.S. Don’t tell my current members that I’m hooking you up like this or they will get jealous!

E-mail 5 (3 days prior)December 28th:  Subject: 3-days and 3 spots left (don’t miss out)
Hopefully by the time you read this e-mail you already got into boot camp at $20/month less than our current members and $40/month less than everyone who waits until New Years because my assistant just informed me that we only have 3 more spots open. I’m sure you already secured yours though so there is probably nothing to worry about but just in case I thought I’d check in with you and make sure.
If not go ahead and shoot me an e-mail and I’ll save your spot. Or you can call us at 555-123-1234
Committed to your health and fitness,

#your name#


E-mail 6 (1 day prior):  Subject: New System for achieving your New Year’s Resolutions
Hey What’s up?
I hope I am not interrupting your day I just wanted to tell you about the new system I put together for mapping out the entire years fitness goals and systematically achieving them.
What’s also cool is that you can use it for other areas of your life such as relationships, finances, productivity or just about anything.
I can’t wait to start using it with all of my New and Current bootcamp clients.
Speaking of which there is still time to get in at a steep discount of $20/month less than current clients and $40/month less than everyone who procrastinates.
I hope you don’t miss out I’d love to share this stuff with you it’s pretty awesome. Plus if you join bootcamp we can set up an assessment and knock out you’re entire year together.
Committed to your health and fitness,
#your name#


E-mail 7 (Day of Holiday early morning):  Subject: Going, Going, ….GONE!
That’s right today is your last opportunity to get in my bootcamp for $20/month less than current packages and $40/month less than what we will be charging in The New Year.
After today this deal is gone forever. I Hope you’ve got fast fingers and some ninja mouse clicking skills because if you’re not one of the first 7 people to respond to this e-mail than you’re going to have to miss out on the opportunity to actually REACH your goals.
– No more resolutions: I’ll sit down with you and walk you step by step through the process of planning specific, measureable goals and create a road map to achieving them
– No more diets: I’ll show you our 4 step system to shift your bad habits to good ones that make losing weight easy.
– No more “guess work”: I WILL PERSONALLY guide you on your 2012 health journey and keep you on the right path to your ideal body
If you’re considering my proposition please don’t spend anymore time thinking about it and let me know. I’ll talk to you soon.
Comitted to Your Health and fitness,
#your name#
P.S. don’t forget we have a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee. So If we get started and your not satisfied during your first month you can just ask for a full refund. We are literally the only health, fitness and weight loss service in Nassau County who will put our money where our mouths are.