By now, some of you are probably tired of me preaching about topics such as….

“The fun factor in your business”

“Creating the right CULTURE in your business”

“Differentiating yourself from everyone else”

“Your business is your DNA, make sure it’s unique like you”

“Ignore everyone else, create your own path”

My business is THRIVING and it’s my duty to share what’s working for me.

Again, it might not be for you. I totally understand.

OK, here we go. My latest project.

Having the pleasure of coaching and mentoring hundreds of fitness pros over the years.

I found that most fitness pros and their very own clients have something in common.

I guess it’s human nature…

We all want short cut to success.

Whether it’s short cut to getting more clients or short cut to getting fit.

As humans we all just want short cuts.

I have said it before and I will say it again….

Nothing wrong to see what other successful people are doing

BUT, and it’s a BIG BUT

You must have your own style, SWAG if you will.

Here is something that I am doing that’s totally out of the box.

I am putting a full DJ turn table in the middle of our studios.

Yes, I am not putting another piece of BORING workout equipment, I am putting a FULL DJ turn table with all bells and whistles.

“But Sam, have you lost your D*** mind. Don’t you think that’s RIDICULOUS. You’re running a gym not a night club”

Of course it’s ridiculous. And that’s exactly why I am doing it.

And here is why….

1) The WOW factor: Imagine going to a facility and seeing a DJ turn table. That by itself is a HUGE differentiator.

2) Good music ===> More Fun ===> More Consistence ===> Better clients results

3) Hey it’s my facility. I like clubbing, I like loud music (old school hip hop), I like working out. NO BRAINER (Again, my place my DNA)

4) We have special events at our facility at least once a month, hiring a DJ cost $400 each time. I can get a full DJ system with speakers for 3K. (It will pay for itself)

Every time we have a DJ for our special events the energy is through the roof. Clients work out all while doing the humpty dance. THE ENERGY IS INSANE.

Again, this might not be your style….

The point that I am trying to make is DO YOU and others will follow.

Boring is NEVER good.

Having the same color scheme as everyone else is NOT good.

Uniformity in service business is NOT good for the business owner. (Very good for the franchise owner)

Side notes: There are Franchises these days like Fitness Revolution who let’s you keep your identity. That’s the way to go if you’re looking to do a franchise. NEVER LOSE YOUR IDENTITY AND YOUR BRAND.

Now that I have convinced my partners on the DJ table…

I am going to ask them for “go go dancers” at our next special event.

Let me know of a good way to pitch it to them ;)

Go kick some bootay, change lives and feed your family.


PS – Why don’t you come down and hang out with me for an entire day. I will show you EXACTLY what I am doing to change people’s lives, all while making a darn good living and building a business that everyone wants to be a part of. (We actually have volunteer workers). Please email my right hand man Xavier Sanchez ==>