I normally don’t do predictions….

But after literally spending hours on SKYPE for the past month and speaking to over 100 fitness pros…

(To be honest, it was a little depressing to see how bad it is out there for most of fitness pros)

I now have a clear understanding of why so many fitness pros are flat out BROKE and UNHAPPY.

And my prediction. The saga will continue and more and more fitness pros will either quit or have to supplement their income elsewhere.

(Most fall into the trap of MLM (Multilevel Marketing,Which is yet another get rich quick scheme)

Unless of course they wake up and smell the coffee.

Here are some things that I discovered…

Most Fitness Pros Are BROKE and UNHAPPY because:

  1. They are awesome “technicians” but horrible marketers.
  2. They are awesome “marketers” but they couldn’t point to their gastrocnemius.
  3. They are constantly worrying about what others are doing instead of worrying about What they are good at. It’s OK to see what others are doing in the industry but at some point your business has to be unique to you.
  4. They are looking for a “push button” sit on the beach automated lifestyle. Having a business is like having a baby. You have to attend to it and attend to it regularly.
  5. They are listening to some GURU who doesn’t own or operate a real business and there isn’t any history of him doing so. (unless his own stories of course)
    Sorry, I got to call it like I see it. If you can make so much money why don’t you taste your own cool aid?
    They sell boot camp franchises but don’t own one for themselves.
    You make Chevy’s but you don’t drive one?
  6. They are behind the computer learning things like Infusion-soft, Optimize-press and various other “internet marketing software” and forget all about building SOLID relationships and sound business fundamentals.
  7. They claim they are busy all the time but when I ask them what their day consist of they can’t give me a solid answer. Time management is a MUST for business owners.
  8. They don’t manage their money correctly and don’t have cash reserves for future growth and expansion.<
    Put money away so when opportunity knocks you’re there to capitalize.
  9. They buy into “Cross fit” and “Fit Body Boot Camp” thinking it’s a guaranteed success.
    All they are doing is giving up their most important competitive advantage which is “differentiation” In business NEVER blend in.
    I was talking to a guy who owns a cross fit, he said that there are literally 10 cross fit boxes within a 5 mile radius of his facility.
    I asked him, how do you differentiate? He said we have better coaches….. SMH
    I was like “so do the other facilities agree with the statement that you have better coaches“?
    Of course not. Everyone claims they are the best. By the way he was making 5K GROSS revenue… OUCH
  10. They try anything to get new clients in the door. Even if it meant selling their mama. I have seen so many desperate attempts and tricks lately that it makes me sick.

A business can ONLY survive on LOYAL, repeat, price independent customers.

Cutting “deals”, trickery and let me throw some S*** in the wall and let me see if it sticks will always backfire in the long run.

mayweather1Bonus: I was watching an episode of showtime’s All Access with the highest paid athlete of all time Floyd “money” Mayweather.

Hate him or love him, he has the recipe for success.

He made close to 80 million in his last fight.

He said something that really resonated with me and now I understand why he gets paid 60+ million per fight while others are making literally a fraction of that.

He said “these boxers are still selling boxing, I am selling the lifestyle”

Same thing with fitness pros, I see most of them are still selling their “training method” and “nutrition program”
I learned a long time ago that I am in business of “emotional connections” which I do through various forms of entertainment. Of course the results that our clients get speak for itself. But for customers to be LOYAL they must feel “emotionally” connected to the business NOT “transactionally“.

Let’s face it, only so many different variation of Burpees, sit ups, squats, etc….

It’s not the workout, it’s HOW YOU CONNECT AND MAKE THEM FEEL.


Get out there, have fun with your clients and be the ROCK STAR of your business. And watch your pockets explode.

Or you could just sit behind the computer, learn Infusion-soft, the latest whiz bang internet gadget or even worse “I am too dumb to think for myself” franchises and continue to be broke.

The choice is always yours in 2014….

Happy New Year


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