Mobile Marketing vs. Lead Box For Your Fitness Business

Mobile Marketing vs. Lead Box For Your Fitness Business

Posted on 13. Apr, 2012 by in Marketing Fitness

Running a contest or asking for client suggestions was the method of choice for driving referrals or drumming up business. In the age of mobile marketing, this old dinosaur approach is totally dated! The Direct Marketing Association predicted that 89 percent of all companies would use text and multimedia messaging to reach their prospects by 2008 – and you know what? They are! Companies are spending nearly $743 million a year on mobile marketing campaigns, so why aren’t you?

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Just like people choose to fill out the lead box card, they also choose to opt into your mobile messaging service. Why? They do so because you make it irresistible. You are offering a coupon, special discount or freebie to everyone who responds to your text ad. What’s not to like about that?

Secondly, you need to think about all the opportunities you’re missing without a mobile campaign. How many people do you think pass by your lead box, without a second glance? (Probably hundreds.) Conversely, mobile messages are beamed right to your prospects’ hands. The response rate is incredible! The average campaign sees a response rate that is anywhere from 4 to 25 percent, but some have surpassed 50 percent.

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You need to reach your prospects where it is most convenient for them. They may not want to stop and take the time to fill out a card when they’re sweaty after a workout or on the way to a fitness class, but they can check their text message while they’re riding up an elevator or waiting in line at the bank. This convenience spells good news for you. With 139 million people checking their email through their cell phones, it makes sense that you catch them on-the-go.

Another beauty of mobile marketing is your ability to influence people’s decisions in real time. Your lead box can only be changed at the beginning or end of a promotion. With mobile marketing, you can transform any slow day into an instant success. You can text people in the morning, for instance, and say, “Need to blow off steam after work? Come in for a FREE personal training session today alone!” Bam: you’ve got referrals!

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Forget about old-fashioned methods of building your business. If you want to stay competitive, you need to consider how everyone is finding out about hot coupon deals, checking their mail, and sharing information on new deals. Mobile marketing is where it’s at!

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13. Apr, 2012

But then what the hell is everyone supposed to do with the 500 lead boxes they ordered from FIT BODY????


14. Apr, 2012

@ Kaiser: It’s better NOT to do anything with them that putting them out and waste time. I been a fitness professional since 1991. They didn’t work back then so they definitely don’t work now. I think my friends Zach hunt and Christian Aguirre are the only ones I know who had good luck with them.


18. Apr, 2012

Hey Sam,

Yeah I agree to just NOT do anything. Because honestly you waste time placing them, collecting, following up, and at the end of the day the prospect was some kid who doesn’t even have a job or some broke person looking for freebie bullshit.

I wasted time calling hundreds (literally hundreds) of numbers from lead boxes to find out the people just didn’t want it or never picked up their phone. What a bunch of time lost.

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