If you every run out of exercise ideas with clients, look up some of B.J. Penns workout vids on youtube.

If you ever run out of exercise ideas with clients, look up some of B.J. Penn's workout videos on youtube.

It’s a great time to be in the fitness industry … believe that.

Now there are more tools and programs out there that will allow you to make rapid progress in a short amount of time.  We have the fitness leaders in this industry putting together the blueprints to make rapid progress and earn higher incomes, all the while ” letting trainers be trainers”.

One new idea I just came across that delivers on all fronts came from my buddy John Spencer Ellis.  It’s his new MMA CONDITIONING ASSOCIATION and CERTIFICATION.  I had to send him an email about it, and he was happy to answer some questions to give all of us more insight.


Hey John – since the last time you’ve been on the blog, your business has grown and a lot has changed, not just with you but with the fitness industry as a whole – what’s new at JSE enterprises?

It’s good to be back! Much has changed. I tend to move back and forth between fitness and personal development. Last year I executive produced the movie and wrote the novel called The Compass. That was fun (and a lot of work). This year I’m going back to my roots in martial arts.

You have a new program that really attracted my attention, the MMACA and the certification. Give me a quick rundown of what this association and certification are about.

It’s funny…. Each time I create something (NESTA, The Compass, Adventure Boot Camp, IMPACT, whatever….), I think to myself, Wow…. that was a huge project. I don’t want to do that again. Then, within a week or so, I’m bored and start creating something new. In this case, the MMA Conditioning Association and the MMA Conditioning Coach Certification has taken 2 years in the development process, and 6 months (and a team of 10 people) just to assemble the MMA specific curriculum.

This guys pretty good.

This guy's pretty good.

As you know, MMA (mixed martial arts) is now the fastest growing sport in the world. The athletes keep getting better, yet their is no structure for the strength and conditioning aspect of their training. I felt it was time. We offer a very high level designation for fitness pros who want to have the ultimate edge on their competition.

It’s not just about training people who want to punch and choke! We teach you how to train clients like an MMA fighter even if they never want to tap! With the curriculum and business system, we teach you how to conduct your MMA business in a wide variety of ways; from fitness enthusiast to UFC champion. The MMA Conditioning Association (MMACA) does not teach the actual combatives. We teach eveything but the actual fighting and fight strategies.

Our team of sports psychologists, physiologists, powerlifters, biomechanics, trainers, physical therapists have joined with top coaches in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, wrestling, boxing and Muay Thai to ensure every aspect of conditioning has been covered. We also support the new certified coaches with ongoing business and personal development, in addition to new training techniques. This is the full package and the price is ridiculously low.

I’m always encouraging trainers to pick a specialty, and if you’re so inclined, MMA can definitely be it. In addition, getting in front of trends is one of the smartest things that you can do as a business person. It appears this certification wins on both fronts. What else inspired it?

I am a huge fan of MMA, the fitness and the business of fitness. This combines it all. Mark my word…. MMA fitness will be the hot trend of 2010. I’ve seen it coming and now is the time. It’s hot…. red hot! These very specialized training protocols work for traditional martial arts schools, MMA gyms, personal trainers, strength and conditioning coaches and even boot camp instructors. I personally teach the coaches how to make money. I’m actually working on a new business video today!

Ill never make fun of Canadians again.

I'll never make fun of Canadians again.

And from taking a look, I noticed some big names in this industry are among the instructors. What can a trainer expect once they’re on board?

We do have a stellar team. We have top jiu jitsu coaches from Brazil. We also have Martin Rooney (Olympian, physical therapist, black belt in judo, COO of Parisi Speed School, and author of Training for Warriors). He also works with the Gracie family. The guy is a stud. You’ll have to go to our site to see the faculty. They are superstars in my opinion. We all came together seamlessly to make this incredible program.

As a member of the MMA Conditioning Association (and becoming a Certified MMA Conditioning Coach) you will stand head and shoulders above other trainers. You simply cannot get this training anywhere else. It doesn’t exist. I personally have learned so much. My entire training routine is different. I’ll be 41 really soon and I’m in the best shape of my life. I want to share this great program with my fellow fitness pros and give them another opportunity for success.


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