If people like what you have to say, chances are pretty good they’ll click on your blog and reward you with traffic. This is not necessarily a new strategy, but it’s one that many people know very little about.


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Unfortunately, so many people without a clue go to websites and make utterly generic comments like “This is a great post. I will be back to read more.” They might say “Thanks for writing such an interesting article” or “I agree with you 100 percent.” But… so what? These useless comments add nothing to the conversation. The writer probably just rolls his or her eyes because it’s been said and done so many times already from shameless promoters. Comments like these are a waste of everyone’s time. The truth is… you can still be a shameless promoter, but you have to do it right. You have to approach blog commenting with a solid strategy.

If you’re trying to benefit from blog commenting activity, leave your search engine optimizing brain at home. Search engine spiders are generally told not to follow any links or keywords left on the blog’s comment pages, so think of your audience as living, breathing people – not Google bots. Secondly, use your actual name (or at the very least your brand name) because no one wants to read a post from “FitnessGuy69” or “WeightLifter.” Also, create a unique Gravatar image to add to your posts for a bit of customization and intrigue. People like putting a face to the name.

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Use this opportunity to flex your brain muscle and show that you are an expert within your field. This isn’t to say you should spend 30 minutes responding to each and every post, but make it thoughtful. Make it count. Post a comment that backs up the opinions of the writer with experiences from your life. For example, if you read a post about the effectiveness of pilates in helping women lose baby weight, you can discuss that you have a lot of clients who have lost, on average, 15-20 pounds of baby weight in two months with pilates – or whatever the case may be. Try to hook readers and mention your site tastefully. Mention that you talk more about the topic on your own blog, for example. Always, always, always use the URL field to link to your most relevant blog post.

Lastly, choose which posts you comment on wisely. Look only for blogs closely related to your niche. Look for blog posts which were posted in the last month and have a fair amount of comments. Find out who the top industry bloggers are and capitalize on their readership base, but also dabble on a few lesser-known bloggers too.

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