We’ve come a long way from the days of direct mail catalogs, letters and infomercials. Today’s main marketing tools include mobile messages, email marketing and website creation. Yet, not everything from “the olden times” should be forgotten. There are a few core marketing rules that every fitness marketer should know.

According to the 40/40/20 Rule, 40 percent of your campaign’s success is due to the audience, 40 percent is due to the offer or product, and 20 percent is due to your creativity. This rule has been tested, tried and true since the 1960s. Often you will find it’s just a matter of getting the right message to the right person at the right time. Design, colors, fonts and medium are all important, but they take a backseat to your pitch and how ready your prospect is to buy.

When was the last time the prospect bought from you or bought this type of service? How often have they purchased this service? How much money have they spent? By assessing this formula, you can prioritize your leads. Consumers who bought recently, who buy often and who spend a lot are obviously your top tier people. Keep in mind that not all exercisers are created equal. You want to find the ones who will stick with your program for life, not just the ones who are in it to lose a quick 10 pounds.

The 80/20 Rule is also sometimes called “the Pareto Principle,” named after its founder, Vilfredo Pareto, who came up with the observation (back in 1900) that 20 percent of the population of Italy owned 80 percent of the land. In business, you will see that 20 percent of your clients generate 80 percent of the revenue for you. This rule also applies to social media in that 80 percent of your posts are read by 20 percent of your audience. Nurture this minority. They are your bread-and-butter.

AIDA is the path people take before buying. First, you attract someone’s Attention with your creative message. Then you pique their Interest by explaining the benefits and solutions. Next, you create Desire by persuading the individual that your solution is the right one. Lastly, you inspire Action by making the purchase as easy as possible.

When you are testing promotional offers, you will find that enticing people with a dollar amount for savings resonates much better than a percentage. A promotion that claims to be “10 percent off” or “50 percent off” just screams out “scam” for some odd reason. The prospects just presume you have a huge markup and are not really offering anything special at all. When you tell people they receive “$100 off” your boot camp program, it sounds like they are getting a much, much better deal.

Now that you’ve brushed up on these timeless marketing rules, you’ll be ready to knock em dead with your next promotion. Remember that not all prospects are created equal and that the minority rules. Keep in mind there is a process that buyers most go through and that people generally like to do as little math as possible. In essence: keep your marketing simple, but effective!