So a couple days ago I sent you the story of my content emails, and how they increase retention.. and how you can get them for cheap..

But before you buy them, read this:

I got quite the response to my last email, mostly asking how ‘sending emails’ fits in with your ‘regular’ marketing..

My answer is, that it doesn’t

Marketing is dead
Marketing is dead

You may have heard this before in the last couple months, but if you’re still flirting with facebook ads.. postcards.. doorhangers.. even SEO..

.. you’re spinning your wheels

Granted, some avenues may still give you a couple clients here and there.. (like wrapping your car, getting on TV)

But the overall Gary Halbert-ish dream of postcards that give 300% ROI is a Unicorn (doesn’t exist)

Me & many of my friends who own successful gyms across the country have NEVER met anyone who built their business on direct mail, facebook ads, SEO

Daily deals.. maybe. But that horse is dying.

So if you’re reading this, and you could use 10-20 more clients.. stop thinking of the pay-to-play methods, and just stick with that works..

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I’ve been to many fitness business seminars myself,

and every time the questions would come up:

“What’s your #1 lead generator?”

“What’s the ONE thing that brings in the most clients?”

.. and every time the #1 answer is referrals

To me this is VERY relevant. Because in the end, nothing matters more than results.

Money talks, bs walks. Mister Ed talks too, but he’s a horse.



But even though you ‘know’ referrals should be your main focus – still.. facebook ads, squeezepages, and response rates are just more seductive

Hanging doorhangers is like a Vegas threesome. Referrals are like.. vegetables. You know what’s better for you.

More so, it’s the whole Rihanna-getting-back-with-Chris-Brown thing.

She knows she should get a nice guy that brings home the bacon.

But she still chooses the emotional rollercoaster that gets her punched in the face

Don’t be like Rihanna with your business. Be like Suze Orman. Conservative, focusing on the stuff that works..

.. that stuff is -> Internal Marketing.

Building your business from the inside up

This is what I did myself with Straight-Up Fitness in Los Angeles

Pre-2012, I spent 4 years doing postcards, doorhangers, SEO motherload projects, PPC, etc, and as of December 2011 my EFT was $8,600

Respectable, but whatever. After tax it was still Holiday Inn.

Early 2012 I cut all the pay-to-play stuff

I devoted myself to making my gym one.killer.experience..

Not even ASKING for referrals, one year later my EFT is near quadruple of what it was.

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‘Marketing’ -wise, my expenses are:
Throwing Client Appreciation Parties ($2,000 a year)
Success Journals ($6.50 each)
Email Marketing platform ($30 a month)



Over the whole, I stopped taking in ‘cold’ people from the outside. Only those who were referrals, or those who had their pants down and were willing to do whatever it takes to get results

And here is where my emails come in.

Because the ONE thing that helped most into raising my authority, trust, and word-of-mouth referral action.. is the emails that I send my clients (along with the warm energy at my facility)

For over a year, I’ve been spending 4-5 hours writing each email, sending out twice a week, and it’s been good

My list right now is 2,312.. my average open rate is 22%.. and every email gets me 20 replies at the least..

I rarely pitch stuff because I get enough leads as it is, but just last month I put in a P.S. that I might start a semi-private program and got 40+ replies.

All $499 each for a 6-week program.

But by no means do I want to talk numbers.. I’m simply writing this email to say that you can get [hyperlink family=”tahoma,arial,helvetica,sans-serif” size=”20″ color=”FF0000″ textshadow=”1″ alignment=”center” weight=”normal” style=”normal” lineheight=”110″ linkurl=”” linkwindow=”_self”]
ALL my best emails for a lousy $97[/hyperlink]

The truth is that the $97 will save you 200+ hours of work if you were to write the same amount of content. They’re as done-for-you as a protein bar, and by all means is this an absolute no-brainer.

Click this link to see 2 sample emails and decide whether this is right for you

See you soon,
Michael Duivis