Hey Super-Trainers, Here is a nice guest blog post by my friend and coaching client Steve Krebs www.ThePackFitnessBusiness.com

Our country is full of self righteous entitled pussies.

99% of small businesses don’t make it 10 years.

Is there a connection there?!

You bet your sweet muffin ass there is.

Business is all the same. Fitness business is ultimately the same as all others. The goal is not just to make a bunch of money, it’s to KEEP MONEY, PUT MONEY IN YOUR POCKET, INVEST YOUR MONEY, etc. etc.

I know that I harp about this shit, but you know what? It doesn’t fucking matter if you are the greatest technician in the world if you don’t take care of yourself financially.

At the last Seven Figure Retreat in Vegas we got the treat of sitting down to dinner with Kevin Nations. If you don’t know who Kevin is, stop doing bicep curls and go read a book ;-) …. anyways, Kevin is uber successful. When people like Kevin are talking, it is best to shut the hell up and take notes. He was dropping knowledge about what your business is supposed to DO FOR YOU. His main point was that your business should ultimately MAKE YOU MONEY. Not bring in a lot of money. Not have huge overhead or spend money like a dipshit. MAKE YOU MONEY that you can use to create wealth.

“Bigger isn’t always better when running a business, More NET PROFIT is better!!!!” yeah I just made that up and quoted myself

Following advice from Sam, Kevin, Luka and myself is choosing LIFE. Sometimes we all have to set our ego aside, and LISTEN. It’s a tough realization to make that we sabotage ourselves sometimes. Hell, I was blowing money like MC Hammer, but then Sam put my ass in check (Can’t thank him enough for that). Because now I have piece of mind, I know that I am investing and saving my money. I know that I will always be taken care of financially. I chose LIFE.


This list could go on forever. It should be the DON’T DO LIST!

Don’t be a pussy, don’t be entitled, don’t live above your means.

Life or Death Choose one!

Steve Krebs
“The Pack”