Hey Fitness Entrepreneurs What’s Up?

It’s your boy Sam AKA 7 figure Sam writing to you from the windy city of Chicago. COLD HERE

First of all I want to publicly thank Kaiser for allowing me to help out with Super-Trainer.

Kaiser is going to be busy KILLING it in the NYC with his new Fitness Business.

For those of you who don’t know me then you betta ax somebody. JK JK

I promise you that at a later post I will give you insights about my history, life and who I was and who I have become.

For now here is a quick 411.

My New Boss (Got me wrapped around her finger)

I am a father, a  husband,  a Persian fellow who moved to the US in 1985 , a fitness enthusiast, a fitness business owner, a doctor, an author, a bodybuilder,  a fitness marketing student and I am someone in relentless pursue of self improvement (that sounded like a Lexus Commercial) . I love fast cars, weight lifting, hanging with my family and friends and yes I like to PARTAAAAYYYY.

I have told you what happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas (that’s a future blog post about marketing taglines)

Here are a very short list (no pun intended Kaiser) of my beliefs and philosophies

  • Stand for something
  • There is always 2 sides to a story
  • You always have a choice in Life
  • Don’t be afraid to fail
  • Never stay down. Pick your A** up
  • Blood is thicker than water
  • You’re lucky if you truly have one best friend
  • If you don’t fail you won’t succeed
  • Respect everybody worship nobody
  • No one can judge you but the all mighty God
  • Comfort is the enemy to progress. Learn to love diversity
  • Treat people like you want to be treated
  • It’s OK to ba labeled as the “bad guy” ONLY if you’re doinf it to bring the best  out of that person
  • Tiger woods didn’t do it (Just wanted to see if you were paying attention)

I must be good at sales because she said YES. That stuff I put in her drink still hasn’t worn off cuz she still likes me

I married my best friend and ended her modeling ;)  My wife Johnette is 5’9″ and  beautiful and I am 5’5″  and well I’m 5’5″.  At a later post I will tell you about my greatest sales presentation of all time.

Hey I had to marry tall because I wanted my kids to be normal size. It’s called genetic engineering ;)

OK enough about me but let me just tell you about this one time at band camp……… DID YOU GET THE JOKE ;)

Let’s switch gears for a second and talk about my boy Kaiser.

I have always admired K for his no holds barred “keep it real” New York attitude. Even though I live on the West Cost, I was raised in a little town called Sharon Pennsylvania. (East Coast Representing)

The only problem I have with K is that he can be a little delusional at times. In the last post he said something like he is taller than me by a half inch or something like that. OH HELL TO THE NO HE DIDN’T.  I am a tall  5’5″ I will slam dunk on his A**.  Don’t challenge me K cuz I got them new Jordan’s and I WILL come to Harlem and play you 1 on 1.

Heads up: I am extremely competitive and I HATE TO LOSE. I have leaned so many valuable lessons from sports competition and business competition and I can’t wait to share them with you.

Since we are going to be in blogging relationship together let’s go over our duties shall we???

With Super-Trainer here is my promise to you:

  • I promise you that SUPER-TRAINER will be funny, entertaining and educational.
  • I promise and owe it to Kaiser to “Keep it Real” and don’t hold anything back. So I’m going to be true to the game and be me.
  • I promise to bring you fresh, entertaining content from my successful colleagues that are in the trenches just like us.
  • I promise to be open to constructive criticism and new ideas.  Super-Trainer is a place we can all learn from each other. Speaking of that keep a lookout for the next blog post about how I got a very famous internet marketer in trouble on the plane to Chicago. Unbelievable!!!
  • I promise to post any content rich original article from anyone in the industry as long as it’s not self serving, rude and beneficial to everyone.
  • I promise to be cooler than Vanilla Ice. (Wow, that brought back some memories. I had them subwoofers bumping in my 1983 VW .  (Note: I had a $2000 stereo in my $2000 car that I was making payments on) That’s a future blog post about money management.
  • I promise to give you my absolute best.

Only if Mike Knew I spend Easter with Evander Hollyfield. Evender told me a bunch of “war stories”

As a reader of Super-Trainer here is what I expect of you. YES YOU I AM TALKING TO YOU DON’T MAKE ME REACH THROUGH THIS COMPUTER Yes, I do have expectations of you THANK YOU VERY MUCH. (I just snapped my fingers like an independent woman)

Sang it with me, Saaaang it with me.

Promise me to give me both negative and postitive feedback on the comment section.

Promise me to do so in a courteous manner and be respectful of others.

Promise to comment ALL the time. They really feel like hugs. PLUS it’s rude to read people’s S*** and not comment. I am certainly guilty of that so I am going to start.  From now on I promise to comment every time I read someone’s blog. I have in the past but my comments don’t always gets approved.

Do we have a deal?

Let’s do this Brutus,