Guest Blog Post by Roy Schuhmacher. I couldn’t agree more…..

Simple phrase used a lot in life, but in this breakdown it’s explaining the POSITIVE effects of having a short list of  program options when closing a client. I look at it like this, McdonaldsLow quality food and has 40ish options on how to stuff your face. They are a well known fast food joint, but aren’t as dominate as some of the newer companies out there now. IN-N-OUT Burger, a very dominate and virally spreading QUALITY drive thru monster. Why?! Because they have 3 choices on the menu, its simple, quality, and doesn’t confuse the customer. The problem with closing people is that they think too much, and act too little. So why confuse them and add to the objection pile by giving them 12 options to choose from? Make it simple, 2-3 options, nothing fancy, keep it short and sweet, then zip your trap and let them decide. Because remember they are already sitting across from you in your office….. and interested. If they weren’t interested they wouldn’t have sat down in the first place. So here is your chance, don’t screw it up! Drop your sales pitch on them, drop your piece of paper in front of them with your 2-3 options and shut it! Don’t talk. You talk…. you lose.

Here is my options for Bootcamp. In the end game of the sales sit down, i drop my paper down, with my 3 simple options, and i shut up and let them sweat it out.

Option 1 : $217 / month

Option 2 : 6 months paid upfront : 10% off : 1171.80

Option 3 : 12 months paid upfront : 20% off : 2083.2

Of course my 2 & 3 options at rounded, to $1175 and $ 2075, but you get the point. Of course if its a pair of people, or a large group then discounts come into play, but thats another breakdown for another day.

End result : keep it simple, no one wants to hear 13 options to confuse them, drop your paper, with 2-3 simple options and let them choose. Its that easy, LESS IS MORE!

-Roy Schuhmacher

CEO, Fit For Life Solutions.