How Can You Go Wrong Hangingout With Joe Sugarman and John Carlton?

When I was in Austin this entire week hanging out with the SHARPEST minds in marketing, I spent some time with a couple of legends in the copywriting and direct marketing world, none other than the KING of infomercials, Mr. Joe Sugarman. Remember the BluBlockers infomercials? He has sold over 25 million pairs of them on T.V. across the world.

What’s cool about Joe is that he doesn’t take himself so seriously and is always willing to talk and share ideas. He truly is a class act. You’ll see what I am talking about in just a second.

I have not one, not two BUT Three videos to share with you. Don’t let this FREE content fool you into thinking it’s not valuable. You’ll never get SOLID GOLD like this anywhere else. So ENJOY!!!

(It’s like I sneaked you in without paying you cheap bastards :)