First there were bank drive-thrus. Then, there were fast food drive-thrus. Do you think this happened by accident? Clearly there was some idea borrowing at play here. Originally microwaves were built for restaurants, but soon they made their way into each and every home. The computer was devised for the Central Intelligence Agency and government networking. Now the everyday American citizen couldn’t imagine living without this technology. Many of the best ideas are already out there: we just have to reinvent them for our own businesses. You can expand your income tremendously by applying existing ideas to your industry.

If you want to get rich, you’ve got to stop making excuses and start using your imagination. Don’t say Well, it works for him and not for me because his business is bigger, his market is better, etc.” Every opportunity doesn’t have to be insanely obvious, you know. There are winning strategies that cross all industries if you know where to find them. Consider Estee Lauder’s “gift with appointment” marketing strategy that is employed by dentist offices and high-end resorts around the world to this day. Everyone likes to get a token of appreciation for investing their time with a business. Everyone likes quick, fast, easy convenience. Everyone likes easy ways to save money. Everyone likes automation. Everyone likes freebies. Everyone likes personal, individualized attention. Think about how these universals can translate to your business strategy.

Today’s most innovative fitness experts are finding new ways to package and market their ideas or services. They’re creating e-books to make it easy and convenient for prospects to access their training systems. They’re making podcasts to inspire their clients through tough workouts at the gym. They’re offering enticing free gifts for new clients. They’re offering more flexible, individually tailored packages. They’re taking the fitness routines outdoors. They’re making DVDs and online videos. There are countless ways fitness experts can achieve better success.

So how can you find these million-dollar ideas? You need to be thinking about your industry at all times. Where do its weaknesses lie? What do people want that they’re not getting? How could things be better? How does the industry vary from town to town, state to state, or country to country? Always keep ingesting new knowledge by reading books about amazing, inspirational innovators. Keep one ear to the ground and talk with people to uncover what is troubling people or exciting people. You’ll find the answers are right before your eyes if you dare to live a little.