You know every now and then I’ll find a blog I like almost as much as Super-Trainer …

Ok I’m kidding, but I did somehow stumble across a MAKE MONEY, GET RICH type of blog recently, and of course there’s no shortage of those online.  But this one was putting out some good content and resources, and it caught my attention.

The name of the blog was  And the reason it caught my attention was a streaming video they have playing once you land on the site.

It’s a neat, sexy montage of all things having to do with wealth, but that’s now what I liked about it …

The background narration to the video are excerpts from the book HOW TO GET RICH by Felix Dennis.

This happens to be one of the best books I’ve read in I can’t even guess how long (and I read more books than average).

So since I got to thinking about it again, and happened to like the book so much and enjoyed the video, I’d thought I’d officially put out my recommendation for it …

Even though it has little or anything to do with fitness, it’s all about the reason why you got started in fitness if you’re smart and honest.

I’ve got a lot of opinions on the pursuit and acquisition of money.  It’s a very noble pursuit and you’ll find out more about yourself than you ever thought possible.

You also open yourself up to a tremendous amount of manipulation, frustration, and disappointment if you focus only on the money.

Even if you’re going about it “right”, earning your fortune is a physically, emotionally, mentally, personally, interpersonally, and spiritually taxing journey.  You’d even have to call it devastating.

And even if you THINK you want to be rich, which I’ll point out is not a unique idea, is one that is shared by 99.999999% of people living in any Western nation (even if they keep it a secret or deny it openly), and is exactly the mindset that most cable networks, magazines, and the entertainment industry caters to …

You probably don’t have the patience, focus, intelligence, will-power, or any number of other ingredients in the secret sauce to see it out to the end.  I’m not accusing you are calling you out – in the road to getting filthy rich, that goes for everyone – even, or probably especially me – we all have monsterously large blind spots.

(That’s why it’s always good to have people around you that you TRUST to point out what your blindspots are, and you having the smarts to stop every now and then and try to figure out what you’re not seeing.)

What Felix is talking about in his book is the road to a FORTUNE.  He makes it very clear early in the book that he laughs at and sh*ts on the million or so dollars that most people consider rich.

So just like any book club, let me point out a few things I liked about the book, parts to check out, and areas of debate and conversation.

  • The book is full of Poems (sorry Felix, I wasn’t going for them).
  • I liked Felix’s book because like he mentions in the beginning, he’s not trying to start a cottage GET RICH QUICK industry out of it (like the RICH DAD series, which happens to be very good and well respected by the way).
  • Chapter 19:  The best part of the book is the end – you may want to read this first.
  • Felix has  serious drug, food, and prostitute habits. 
  • It’s all a game, just like Felix points out many times, and you’ll get that feeling from reading him talk about it – when you start to view it like that, I think you start off in the right frame of mind.

I think the next book club episode we’ll have to do in the form of a live U-Stream, so we can give it more of an Oprah feel.  In any case, we can do our best here …

So go ahead and order the book and take your time to read it, and then come back here and leave your comments.  If you’re serious about making money in any way, I have the feeling that once you pick this book up, you might have a lot of trouble putting it down and may end up losing a night sleep going through it.

Other recommended reading on the subject of getting rich:

MADE IN AMERICA, SAM WALTON:  More fascinating than the story of how Sam made his fortune, is his telling of the story – how he’s just a good ole boy from Bentonville Arkansas. Seriously, if you want to see the blood and guts determination, focus, and passion it takes to become the richest man alive, which Sam once was (most of his living heirs are still way up on the list), you’ll read it in between the lines here.

DAN KENNEDY NO B.S. WEALTH ATTRACTION FOR ENTREPRENEURS:  Learn to make your first million (by yourself, in your underwear, while getting very fat).  Dan will talk tough to you in ways your pops never had the guts to.  In the process, you’ll learn to kill your inner wuss and step and take the action neccesary to really make things happen.