This is a video from Joe Polish. If you remember about a month ago I talked about how I happened to sit right next to one of the greatest business and marketing minds in the world Mr. Joe Polish.

By the way Joe is hosting a live event and Dan Kennedy is also one of the speakers.

Here are the details.

(Not an affiliate link) Myself and some of my other fitness colleagues are definitely going to be there.

Apparently Joe is an avid reader of Super-Trainer because he saw the post and send me this video.

[youtube hknV6zLDT38]

I was really ecstatic that Mr. Joe Polish himself took the time to send me a video.

What can we do to make our clients fee special. It doesn’t have to be expensive remember it’s the “thought that matters”.

Here are a few things that you can do to wow your customers. It doesn’t cost a thing. NO EXCUSES

1) A hand written thank you card.
2) Post on their Facebook wall and compliment them and tell them that you’re proud of them.
3) Send them a random appreciation text message
4) Give them a sincere compliment when you see them in the gym
5) Remember their birthdays.
6) Remember their kids birthdays. (even more impressive)
7) Give them a call once in a while and ask them how they are doing
8) Send them a personalized video


Please share some things you do to TOTALLY WOW your clients in the comment section below!!!