Picturue of Jamo NezzarFunny what you’ll find on YouTube these days …
I found a video clip of fellow Personal Trainer Jamo Nezzar, part of the launch of his new online training program, Jamcore Training.
Most people need to smoke a gram of crack to feel as good as Jamo! Just goes to show how it feels when you love what you do. All jokes aside, Jamo’s one of the top trainers in the business. In a past life, he was a professional bodybuilder, one of the hardest sports in the world to reach pro status in. Jamo has run a successful Personal Training business for years in San Jose, California before starting his online venture; and from reviewing the site and reading his blog, he’s put together an extremely strong team at Jamcore. Here’s the video:

[youtube 7acmprSXk78 nolink]

Jamo’s (entertaining) online venture is an example of one of the privileges Personal Training offers you, what I call the JUMP, moving from one-on-one Training to other aspects of the fitness field. This is a multi-billion dollar industry, some say soon to be a trillion dollars, and it’s rate of growth just continues to accelerate. With the endless possibilities it offers, Personal Trainers have the unique opportunity to move forward onto new, larger pictures. I’m not saying that Personal Training is strictly an entry level job: training can in-itself be a very lucrative long-term career (see Gunnar Peterson). It’s just that with the low barriers to entry, training can be the perfect vehicle for anyone to get started in the fitness field. You can then take the specialty you’ve developed and apply it to any of a number of other ventures.

Jamo’s impressive resume may seem daunting to those of you who are just getting started or thinking about becoming Personal Trainers; well it shouldn’t be. That belief that you’re not good enough to take action right now sells a lot of people short not only in this business, but in every walk of life. You don’t need to be a former professional athlete to be tremendously successful in the fitness industry; all you need is a passion for fitness and a desire to serve people. Just get started, and everything else will take care of itself. It’s obvious that’s the main advantage Jamo has going for him. Being in great shape, doing what you love, and growing in your field? I’m sure that’s the natural high that’s got Jamo “actin’ a fool”!