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Hope everyone is doing well in your businesses.

My business partner Jeff Sherman just put up a post about biz systems and what you should have systems for. I couldn’t agree with it more.


I want to add to this post a bit and go over A topic I do in my business that work so well. Part of having an automated and systematized boot camp is having programs in place every other month or so to keep the energy blazing in your program. Kinda like when your chasing the other sex and then you get em and after a few month your like “ WTF” lol. You gotta keep finding shit to keep your spark all the time.


Ok so now for the honesty that  Sam demands on this blog, close your ears if you think people are perfect or successful business like mine don’t have  F ups in them! I have been running my boot camps now for a very short 19 months and a few months ago I started feeling like they were getting a little stale ?  I couldn’t figure out why. Don’t get me wrong, every day was a Bad Ass workout and we still give crazy ass experiences to our clients every day, but something was stale .


Then I realized that I was in need of something that could cause some FIRE in my program , and wake my clients up.  I had to think of something good cuz I gotta tell you I am a huge fan of making my clients happy and retaining the clients that I have as opposed to working my ass off to get new ones. So I decided to run a transformation  contest. yeah I know ,whats the big deal about a program like that, everyone runs them… TRUE, but not like this one. I decided to make this one a contest. I wanted to create some crazy buzz around my building and get people fired up and talking amongst eachother, making friends from other time slots and , and having them work really hard torwards a goal.


You can run any type of program or promotion you like, just make sure you can create a ton of buzz, competition, and relationship building. This is very important because your biggest goal in your program should be making people feel like your program is a second home, or even better than being at home.


Don’t be a boring lame ass instructor that opens up a new program, or contest and doesn’t over deliver by setting up ways for ALL of your new and current clients can get involved. This only pisses off current clients and adds extra work for you with the new clients that are on you new “program”.

TEAM BUILDING – making sure you involve all of your members and that they are working together in a way and not by themselves.a support system of peers


COMPETITION – everyone like to compete, a typical program doesn’t ignite a persons competitive spirit. We all work harder in competition no matter whos its against J


EXCITEMENT – you have to create a buzz around the program that this thing is badass, talk about it everyday, facebook it, your clients should be in teams so their excitement and competitiveness is gonna be high anyways


PRIZES – give winners wicked prizes, get creative and give prizes that people really want and will work hard for. Individual and team prizes


ENROLLING NEW CLIENTS AND INCREASING REVENUE – make sure your list knows about your contest and your current members tell their friends. This is important because it’s going to bring in new clients, re-activate past clients, pay for your prizes and increase recurring revenue down the road To many people forget how important keeping your current clients are and making more money off them and their referrals. Marketing is important of course but focus more on having your current clients market for you. Doing programs every few months that cover all the prior comments, not only makes you new money but reminds your clients how bad as you and YOUR program is and how much you appreciate them.


Jeff Sherman and I just ran 6 week body transformation  “ contest “ in our programs. We covered every single aspect I am talking about here and both made over $3500 in 7 days and created unbelievable energy and excitement and competitiveness in our boot camps. We had people losing up to 28 lbs to win the contest because I prizes were so F in great. Not to mention after the contest ended increased our revenue by over $1500 a month. I have to say to be honest when we were coming up with the details of this contest it seemed like it would be cool…… Like Sam and Jeff have mentioned in prior post, we are coming out with a an online workshop in 3 weeks that covers all the systems and automation tools we use in our business to allow us (well me  J to fly around vegas all day long making connections and driving traffic to my building without having to be at my building stressing on the little things we all hate.  The exact details, documents, and email sequences we used for this 6 week contest are included in this workshop J


NOW go out their and get your clients excited about being part of your program and remind them why everyone they know should be part of !


Good Luck .


Justin Blum

Bootcamp underground