Some people will tell you that it’s having the best marketing, but I disagree.

See, having the best marketing while having a inferior solution is only a temporary plan.  Once people find out you’re not providing anything special – they move on.

But providing the best solution – that magnifies every bit of marketing that you do because when you bring one person in and they’re thrilled with their experience – they stay longer, buy more and refer regularly.

From my own experience – that’s why we started the Fitness Revolution Franchise.

We had already offered the best bootcamp solution in the industry in the Bootcamp Blueprint, but training businesses were evolving so we wanted to create the best possible solution that allowed quality coaches to run great businesses.

We wanted to be able to provide a complete solution for coaches no matter if they were just getting started or had 20 years in the field.

And with the bootcamp market becoming pretty saturated we wanted to always be able to stay on the leading edge of what the best formats and strategies are for fitness professionals to have success.

4 years ago just starting a bootcamp put you out in front.

Now and in the future it will take more. We wanted to make sure we could deliver that ‘more.’

And that’s also why we went with a franchise rather than a license – because it’s the best, most credible model for serving the people you’re support.

But it’s also the most expensive and labor intensive – so that’s why most people that aren’t worried about providing the best solution avoid it.

It doesn’t matter whether you like franchises or hate them – the concept remains the same.

I figured I’d use FR as an example because I wanted you to understand that providing the best solution isn’t easy – but it’s your best path to long term success…and I also figured it illustrated my point about how the best solution makes marketing easier.

This is the first time I’ve ever really written about FR and to date we’ve never done an ad, a webinar, some big ‘launch’ or even shared much information at all about this franchise with anyone outside our closest clients, yet it’s already the fastest growing personal training franchise in the world.

Remember – the market never needs more average solutions, but there is always room for something great.

Pat “Good Ole’ Boy” Rigsby