Nicki Small ImageIf you know the message I’m constantly sharing on this blog, you know about my belief that personal training can and should be very easy.

Growing a business?  Reaching all of your personal and income goals?  Creating an amazing life?  Going past your preconceived notions of what’s possible?  Now that might be a little harder …

But getting the 10-15 clients you need right now to start making it as an independent trainer can be easy if you have the right role models.

For that, I brought on a woman who exemplifies everything good about the Personal Training Business, Nicki Anderson.

Nicki is one of the top trainers in the biz, having recently been named IDEA PERSONAL TRAINER OF THE YEAR.  She runs a gym out of the posh neighborhood of Naperville, near Chicago Illinois.

And she is a major fitness success story herself, having overcome obesity in her youth, and now educating her clients and the public on the correct ways to achieve lasting weight loss.

You’ll learn about Nicki’s story, the unique set-up of her training business, and tons of other helpful success advice in this interview I did with Nicki recently.

Just click the link below to play, or right click over it and hit save link as so you can download it to your iPod.

Nicki Anderson Interview On Super-Trainer

Hope you got a ton out of that interview – and don’t forget to send me your success stories!