Hey Super-trainers, here’s a guest blog post by Armando “The Professor” Cruz…

For the longest time I didn’t have a business card. I felt that it wasn’t necessary and even better I could get their contact information instead. I saw so many boring business cards that were just name, rank, and phone number. I didn’t want to be like everyone else.

I have changed my mind recently after reading the books, “The Brand Gap” and rereading “Crush It” and the “Thank You Economy”. I am not a multi million-dollar company so I never considered that it made sense to brand. The reality is that each and every one of us is building a personal and company brand with everything we do.

Armando Cruz here and by the time you are done reading this you will know the 3 reasons why you need an effective business card, the 3 questions you must ask before you decide what to put on it, the 5 key design elements that all business cards must have to be successful, and finally putting it all together.

That leads me to my next question…

Reason #1 is to have your prospect take action. What kind of action that is up to you and how you have designed your funnel

Reason #2 is to represent and extend your brand.

Reason #3 is to create another opportunity for your brand to be passed on to another, a vehicle to pass down a part of you and your company.

Now that you know that having a business card could benefit you, your business, and your brand, the question now becomes…


“How do I create a business card that is effective, representative, and one that sets you apart?”


  1. What is the number 1 action I want the recipient to do when they receive my business card? (Do you want them to call you for a consult, free trial, email you, watch a video, listen to a free recorded message, go to your website…?)
  1. What do you want to convey about your brand? (Is it elegant, high end, accessible, family oriented, professional,…?)
  1. Finally, what kind of packaging am I going to use to draw and keep the attention of the recipient? (Think Apple. Think of how important their packaging has become. Remember simple and clean go a long way. It removes confusion)


If you have not answered the above questions yet now would be a good time.  Go ahead do it now.

I want to make a special note before we continue: You are not trying to sell a product on a business card. Think of it as a brief representation of who you are and have it cause intrigue so as too compel them to find out more, to take a desired action.


  • Attention Grabbing Headline
  • A Call to Action
  • Your Name
  • Your Contact Information
  • The X-Factor


The Attention Grabbing Headline is an important feature to capture the recipient’s attention. It should be benefit driven, clearly delineate whom it is for, and compelling.

Your business card should have a Call-to-Action. What that means is to literally write out what you want them to do, what action should they take. Some examples would be: “Call today!” “Visit our website for a FREE widget”, “Watch this video to see the top 3 benefits of working with us.”

Your Name. Yes I know that seems obvious but business cards are personal so you want a name associated with it so the prospect feels a more connected. Think about when you walk into a room of strangers how much better you feel when you see someone you know.

Your Contact Information can be displayed very straight forward or within the Call-to-Action. The purpose of the contact info is for them to actually contact you. Some people feel that having to many ways of contact slows down the prospects action. Other experts feel that having many forms of contact enables the prospect to connect with you in the form they feel most comfortable with.

In the “right” answer is to test it. Different strategies will work differently with different markets

Finally the X-Factor. What is that? That is the look and feel, the POP, the impact your business card makes. Does it look like everyone else’s? Stand out and dominate. I would suggest that you collaborate with a designer to help you get creative. (I consult with designers and brand experts Marcel & Amanda at www.simpleflycreative.com)

In step 1 we went over the 3 reasons why you want and need a business card. Make sure you understand these reasons. In step 2, I asked you to answer 3 questions so you know what to put on the business card. Finally in step 3, we discussed the 5 key elements in the business card design.

Now it is time to put it all together and start increasing your profits!

*IMPORTANT: Your brand is not what you say it is. It is what they perceive you to be. When creating your business card and marketing material, remember to be clear with your message and image.



Armando “The Professor” Cruz MSPT, CSCS, ATC