Besides offering unparalleled service and over-delivering, you are hopefully offering your daily-dealers a special BEFORE they finish their program with you.  That is the #1 MUST-DO to get them to sign up for your CORE programs.

We have taken it one step further and have increased our conversions by 25-30%!

If we did not convert them into our programs, we PERSONALLY call them on Saturdays (the Saturday after you gave them their last offer and they didn’t join) and thank them for trying our program and how they did such a great job. We point out specific improvements they have made during their time with you.  Recognizing them is VERY powerful.

Here is an example of the call…

“Hi Jennifer, thank you SO much for trying our (blank) Program. You did an amazing job in class and you’ve improved a ton on your push-ups.  I’ve noticed a huge improvement on your endurance, too!” (Pause and let them talk-they usually say something in regards on how they noticed it, too). Continue with…”You fit right with the group; everyone in our program is awesome and works hard; it’s one of my favorite parts about (Your business name here). We have the BEST people!” (Pause-let them tell you how they noticed that, too).

“That’s why I wanted to “personally” call you and thank you for letting me do what I love to do and if I can help you in any way to reach your goals, just ask.” Usually this is where they will give you the reason why they didn’t sign up. (LISTEN to them – and have a couple options to resolve their issues ready).

Like this…”Yes, I remember you mentioning you have your kids every other week and it’s hard for you to get to camp. You know you did so well and I’d love to see you keep up your momentum; you could always sign up for the 12-pack, you’ll have 3-months to use the sessions – perfect for your situation. You’ll be able to come when you don’t have your kids, and this way you can keep the motivation level high, have some accountability, and still get to hang out with us!” (LAUGH).

If they say no, move on to say… “Thank you again and if you need anything in the future, just ask!”

Be sincere! They will know the difference. When we call we are truly sincere with our intentions.

As far as having someone else make the call; pick either yourself or the trainer they worked with; we wouldn’t suggest an assistant it’s not personal enough.

This is worth your time to implement in your business. Remember if you have a great program, the extra mile can pay off!



Carrie & Alicia
“The Boot Camp Girls”