Improve Your Fitness Business with These Blogging Tips

Improve Your Fitness Business with These Blogging Tips

Posted on 30. Jul, 2011 by in Marketing Fitness


Whether you’re a personal trainer or CEO of an successful gym, having a blog is one of the best ways to increase your clientele and profits. With today’s technology and social networking sites blogging is a key element to your success.


First, you have to know your shit and know you’re topic. Know what you want to write about and plan it. Planning and organizing before you begin the actual blog is a key component. Google the heading of your post and see what is already written about it and then you perfect it. Know it, plan it, and nail it!


Use a format that is attractive, organized, and user friendly. You can write the best content in the world but lose a browser in seconds because of format. Using a different format for different topics is a good idea, making it easier for viewers to understand and recognize when they come back to read another post.


Titles are the secret to traffic. This is your keyword to draw browsers to your blog. Make it interesting and relevant to your subject. When performs a Google search, you want your blog to be one of the first they see. Using interesting and popular titles will accomplish this.


Stick to your expertise. It is much easier to write about a subject you are experienced in (fitness industry). A blog post should not take you days to write. Efficiency is important. It’s smarter to write about your specific expertise, fitness and what encompasses it, then to write about a bunch of miscellaneous subjects. Remember, specialists earn more than generalists!


Make your blogs interesting and/or amusing. Add a personal touch. Viewers like this and it will increase repeat traffic. You want people to recognize you, not just your website. This helps build a name for you, again increasing repeat traffic.


Lists and photos, people love them. Lists are easier to read and photos are easier to see. As simple as that sounds, it is true and will draw viewers to your website. The list is a quick way to get your point across and photos are a great visual representation of what you are discussing.


Give your viewers the opportunity to engage with you and others. Encourage them to provide feedback and make comments. Your blog should be written in such a way that viewers can’t resist commenting. At the end of every post tell them to feel free to leave a comment and when they do, make sure you respond to it. This is also your opportunity to have a plug in. If they like the topic and want to know more about it or you, direct them to your website.


You have done everything to draw traffic to your blog and website. You’re building your fan base so how do you keep it? You need to make sure you are part of the social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter. Use these sites to remind your followers of new posts and have them share them with their friends. Ask them to “like” your post. This adds your link to their personal page providing more traffic for you.


Now get on it. Follow these tips, write your blog, and you will see some:

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01. Aug, 2011

Hey Sam, Way to bring it kid. I have a few comments and additions to enhance peoples blog.

#3 – Headline is the 1st thing people read to make a decision whether they will read it. So make it compelling!

#4 – Be specialist: “Drill and inch wide and a mile deep, not the other way around.”

#6 – Photos of you, your life, and kids are always great because they give your followers a glimpse into your life

Final thought. Have a call to action for each post. The more you can train to your readers to take action the more they will get out of it, the stronger following you will get and finally the better you can monetize it. =)

These are my 2 cents. Enjoy


01. Aug, 2011

We all appreciate your 2 cents Armando. Great points and thanks for contributing your valuable knowledge.

Dave Peterson

01. Aug, 2011

wow on super trainer web the comments have awesome content! (well not this one lol)

Thanks Sam and Armando

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