Importance of “To Do List” on Your Fitness Marketing Strategy

These days having a to do list is one of the important things that people should do. When it comes to fitness marketing strategies having a to do list is one of the most important things to have. In this article you will know how important it is to have a to do list as a part of fitness marketing strategies.

Failing to fill your time with important things will surely not help on moving to the thing where you like to end up with. It will only make you absorb meaningless odds and you will not even be able to reach your goals. When it comes to fitness marketing strategies filling your schedule with the most important things for you to do will surely lead you to success. It will make your work even more functional and you will have something that will assist you on your work for that certain day. Your fitness marketing strategies will not be complete without your scheduling of tasks that is done through a to do list.

Here is an example of a to do list that you can follow to be successful on having your own fitness marketing strategies. You will find important pointers that you can follow on making your own to do list.


10 am: lift weights and have interval training.

11:30 am: Look for writers that will compose 50 articles and handle follow ups for those people who are going to link ads to their websites.

12 pm: Have a Product launch development. (This can be about calling affiliates and adjusting the sales page.)

1:30pm: Make all of the important phone calls that are needed to be done in one day and even make more follow ups with the associates.

2 pm: Make the broadcast of the newly written blog posts for them to be in the list.

4 pm: Have some adjustments for the pay-per-click ads.


It is important to include a to do list in your fitness marketing strategies. In this example of to do list you can observe that the things that are needed to do are scheduled in blocks. By doing this kind of scheduling you are going to be able to do bigger things that will make your business even move ahead. You can also delegate the secondary important things that you need to do to your assistant so you can pay attention to the important things that you need to do.

Having a fitness trainer who wants to get ahead in their business needs to use this kind of fitness marketing strategies every day so they are going to have a clear view of what they have accomplished for a certain day that will really contribute on the success of the business that they have.

There are many fitness marketing strategies that you can use for your fitness business to grow. A to do list will do a lot in your business success so make sure to include it in your fitness marketing strategies. Here is another sample of a “to do” list that can also help you on your business’ success.


6-9 am: Train the clients.

9 am: Have a workout.

10:30 am: Talk to the leads that had presented themselves on the website.

11:00 am: Make a phone call for the existing clients and tell them how important they are and how proud you are to them.

11:30 am: Make an ad to find interested people in trading posting ads. It can also help on looking for someone that is having the skills on doing SEO and are able to trade their experience for the training.

11:45 am: Make a sales letter for enhancing the latest marketing campaign.

1:00 pm: Go to the nearest shopping center to find new ideas on the human billboards.

2:00 pm: Study the process of upgrading the pay per click advertising.

2:30 pm: Have a nap to take some rest.

4- 8 pm: Train more clients.