In order to develop the best marketing system for your fitness business you need to first have a strategy. You need to know in advance what you need and what you will get out of it. Smart business owners do not get “rich” by one time deals. They have a strategy that continues to make money every day, every week, all year long. They know their customers and about prospecting, and understand demand must exceed supply in order to reach top income potential.


Almost every motivational and successful entrepreneur book says, attitude and aptitude are important, and this is very true. If your attitude sucks so will your business; however, attitude and aptitude doesn’t matter if you don’t have a steady flow of prospects and customers. You must have a reliable and consistent system that in return provides you with an abundant of quality customers.


Cost and Profit – know your costs and customer value if you want to make a profit. Determine what your customer is worth to you, what are you willing to invest to obtain them, and then develop a system that works within that limit.


Proficiency – don’t waste your time with customers who most likely will not purchase. If you want to earn a profit you must think this way. T his may be gruff but without this thought process you will not achieve consistent affordability. Focus on target customers.


Effective Use of Time – automate your media as much as possible so your time is utilized in the top functions, therefore earning more profits from less time.


Quantity and Quality – know your income goal because that dictates the quantity of prospects which necessitates a determined amount of investment. These are important figures you must know. By enhancing the quality of your prospects you can drastically change these numbers and gain further profit.


Target Market – set out to seek a target market and go for it. Real estate agents call this farming. Choose a certain area or type of prospect and solicit their business. If the first response doesn’t provide a high response, evaluate why, revise, and try again.


Reaching prospects – what media approach will you use to reach your prospects? Multi-media is the best but you need to determine which is the best for your target market. Examples are email, blogs, advertising in the local paper or magazine. Deliver a message about their interests; their needs and wants. Don’t just brag about you!


A gift – Sometimes getting prospects to express interest and give you permission to sell to them requires giving free, relevant information about the product and service you offer. Not only does this need to be relevant to your business, but of interest to the prospect. For example, an article explaining the 15 worst foods to eat while dieting and why eating smaller more frequent meals is necessary for weight loss. List all important facts and within this article casually plug in how your fitness business can assist with their goals and make the dieting process easier. Offer a discount or one month free for first time customers.


Easy response – high probability prospects need an easy and non-threatening way to respond back to you. This can be done by providing your regular phone number, a recorded message line, web site, etc. Your goal is to capture as much contact information as possible.


Follow-up – The initial information should include a second irresistible offer, tied into whatever step you want the prospect to take, such as coming to the gym for a free trial workout. Then send another series of follow-ups through email, mobile marketing, or phone, referencing the original offer but this time including an expiring date.


Unconverted leads – As you know, not all prospects initially respond. These are the hesitant, indecisive ones you haven’t heard back from in a few weeks since sending out the offer. Don’t give up. There is value in these prospects. They should hear from you once to several times a month.


That wraps it up. These are not difficult steps in developing a reliable marketing system for your business. Having consistent steps using as much automation as possible will eliminate wasteful advertising and develop a business running on a reliable and profitable system