Hey there! Jonas “Honey Badger” Deffes here…

There is a pretty good chance if you are reading this that’s you most likely work for yourself or run your own Fitness business of some sorts.


If so, then you are really going to benefit from the “Walk away from it all”  method ..I’ll explain more in a bit…

You see…  If you are anything like me or all the other self made Entrepreneurs out there… you probably have your brain “Thinking” about business ALL Day and EVERY day.

Even Though I only work about 20 min. a day…it doesn’t stop me from thinking about my next marketing idea, email or blog post to keep my business running.

It’s actually a really a good quality to have in yourself

However there is a dark side to it….
If you are not careful it will consume you just like some sort of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

I find myself doing these things constantly throughout the day on my computer.

– Checking emails every min.
– Answering the phone every time it rings??-Checking google analytics
-Updating facebook fan page every 3 hours
-Searching the net looking at info products
-Answering emails
-Checking my merchant account to see if I made any sales
-Updating facebook profile
-Checking twitter messages

And it gets even worse because I find myself doing this exact SAME THING on my phone as soon as I leave my computer!

It’s like a non-stop endless loop of watching my business even though I’m really not doing any work….

Now, like I said earlier… there is dark side of this. ??It’s the capability of NOT being able to do NON- work related activities without mixing my business shenanigans into it.

Ever find yourself eating dinner at a restaurant, watching TV, or hanging with friends and checking your facebook profile every other min.? Then back to checking your email again?

Well I do!.. and for the most part, I don’t even realize it!… Not only that, I’m doing all the same almost every where I go!


So what is the solution?
Well to be completely honest I don’t think there is one.. it’s just the way our entrepreneurial brains are wired to be constantly running.

However you do need to try something.. because there is more around you then  just your business.

In my case it’s my daughter and girlfriend that seem to be affected by this the most.
And I can’t have that happening to the people I love.

So that’s when I came up with my “Walk Away From It All” Strategy.

What I do now is… AT LEAST once a day I walk away from it all to make sure I got my head out of my business’s ass so to speak.

I turn off the phone( I actually take the battery out) , turn off the computer and Jump in my car and go do something!

I make sure I do this for a minimum of one hour a day and I focus on other aspects of my life that need my total and undivided attention.

You will be amazed at how much more quality and meaning this brings to your life and the other around you.

Not only that…It’s actually nice to have a moment of peace of mind and Not Give a shit about my business.

That’s it for now…it’s time for me to do my daily “Walk Away” so that I can ask my daughter “how was her day at school” without getting rudely interrupted by the Maddest of my business.


Jonas “Honey Badger” Deffes